Joe’s Wx Blog: 2012 v 2013 From Space

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I’ve been waiting a bit to show you this, but since the weather is so quiet and we’ve been talking a lot about the dryness that is permeating through the region right now, I thought I’d go ahead and share this with you. Basically it’s a hi-res satellite image showing what our terrain looked like 1 year ago, compared to what it looks like now. What really struck me is the colors. You will notice a LOT of color differences…and it surrounds the drought that we were in the midst of last year at this time. This year, while we’re i a dry stretch now, the rainfall leading up to this dry stretch was good enough to help the terrain green-up considerably this year.

It really is impressive to see the changes from year to year.

Speaking of dryness…in Phoenix, AZ Sky Harbor Airport hasn’t had measurable rain int he last 94 days…the record though is a stunning 160 days back in 1972.

I really don’t want to re-hash everything that I talked about yesterday, essentially all that will continue to be valid. It really us strange to see a storm come to us from OH and still not be able to generate a lot of rain for us. There should be some rain with it, perhaps out towards the west of the KC area…and I still wonder if we can get at least something on a scattered basis around here on Sunday. Here is the NAM model showing the rainfall forecasts…

We’re just not in a favorable area to see much rain at all and while we should at least pop some clouds on Sunday and certainly see more clouds on Monday, aside from something random, I just don’t see a lot at this point. Maybe it can change since this is such an unusual scenario for us but at this point anything significant is not expected for the KC area. I can’t rule out some airmass type storms early next week but trying to figure out who gets that will be impossible. The only hope there is that various outflows from the initial storms help to generate more convection so that we can see something a little more widespread. Perhaps there will be some boundaries out there with the sun’s heating to create some instability. One thing is for sure though is a persistent SEasterly flow of air will be increasing the moisture content of the atmosphere and should anything actually fire up, there would be some locally heavy rain associated with it on MON or TUE next week.

Our models do seem to want to generate at least some scattered showers on the KS side towards and west of Topeka tonight/SAT AM and have that activity move southwards…not confident that will happen at all though either.

So what does all this mean…basically more nice weather and very reasonable temperatures through the middle of next week. Humidity levels will be on the increase (dewpoints) next week and clouds will certainly be apparent in the skies as well. This combination should actually keep temperatures closer to about 85-90° for several days next week before we warm up a bit more towards the end of the week.

So did I miss some sort of shark and tornado movie on Thursday night?


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