Flash mob brightens hospital patient’s day

This is an archived article and the information in the article may be outdated. Please look at the time stamp on the story to see when it was last updated.

KANSAS CITY, Kan. -- An Overland Park man going through a tough battle with a rare disease gets the support of family friends and complete strangers in a unique way Tuesday.

The music gets turned up, and the penguin outfits are put on, on the second floor of a parking garage at the University of Kansas Hospital. It's where Brandin Delano is staying as he recovers from a bone marrow transplant in early July.

But his sister Gabriela Delano and family friend Tiffany Laitenen have something up their sleeves.

"All I can think in my head is you have no idea what's coming," Gabriela Delano said.

Gabriela Delano said her 22-year-old brother has a rare disease called Aplastic Anemia.  It means his bone marrow doesn't make enough new blood cells. She said he just finished chemotherapy a few days ago.

"We are Brandon's army and were fighting with him so he's never going to be alone in this," his younger sister said.

So with the help of family friend Tiffany Laitinen, they recruited an army of about 70 friends, family and strangers to meet on the second floor of this garage for a final practice before their flash mob for Brandin. They said he is a man with a great attitude, despite what he is going through.

"He's just so positive he has a zest for life he's wanting this to work and he's just he's ready for a new life," Laitinen said.

"You know, finally I can give something back and do something for him because I am who I am today because my brother has been there, Gabriela Delano said.

The group sneaks up to the third floor, right in Brandin's room view, to perform spelling out his name and "Hold on, ur loved."

Then in a flash, they're gone. But to return again closer to Brandin's room where he can recognize some faces.

"That's incredible.  I knew people were thinking about me and everything, but to actually come out and prepare all this was incredible," Brandin said on the phone.

He said his favorite part were the folks dressed in penguin outfits because penguins are his favorite animal.

Brandin is supposed to leave the hospital at the end of the month. But he'll still be recovering, hoping the bone marrow produces, and on a very strict diet.

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