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Joe’s Wx Blog: Who Gets More Rain?

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The summer doldrums have settled into the area. a strong for July upper level storm did little to nothing for us yesterday in giving us any much needed rainfall and we continue to dry out in the region. This drying is typical for the summer here but unfortunately it’s seems to have hit all at once and our rainfall opportunities which are rarely that great (on a widespread basis) just haven’t produced anything significant in the area. We really haven’t had any of those overnight t/storm complexes in quite some time and that too is one of the great ways we can get some rainfall in the area.

Meanwhile the rains continue in the southern Plains states. Did you know that Oklahoma City has had almost twice as much precipitation (35.11″) as opposed to KC with 18.22″. Today will be another soggy day in TX and the OK Panhandle, which is exactly in an area that is being devastated by a drought.

Now check out the forecast for the next 5 days…

Here is some information from the NWS in Amarillo…


This is all being created by an upper level storm that is in NE NM this AM…yes this is the same storm that migrated from OH to S of KC to the Red River area to NM over the last several days…pretty impressive. Here is the position via NEXLAB


This storm will slowly wind down over the next couple of days…however it will continue to contribute moisture in the SW part of the country.

Meanwhile the desert monsoon season is really kicking up this AM…the dewpoint in Phoenix is 66° whereas the dewpoint here this AM was 69°. So it was almost as juicy there as it is here. The steam heat there is hopefully going to turn into more storms…but at least thus far Phoenix has missed out…or at least the “official” station (Sky Harbor Airport) has missed out with the last measurable rain over a trace going back to April! This is from the NWS there from yesterday.


There have been storms around them, and even some severe weather…even into parts of the Phoenix metro area.

So now the question in my mind is that with and increased monsoon scenario out there, is it possible they get more rain there than we get in KC by Sunday?

If you look at the graphic towards the top of the blog it certainly doesn’t look encouraging for us for awhile. Our next chance will wait till later FRI night or early Saturday AM associated with a front that will move through. Ahead of the front it will get very hot with a run of 95-100° possible on Friday…behind the front we should drop into the 80s, perhaps on Sunday. The storm coverage though doesn’t look that great at this point. Weak convergence (the air may not be colliding as nicely as I’d like to see) may keep storms more scattered in nature which doesn’t sound that promising. Long ways out though so hopefully things will look more promising as we get closer…we really need a 1-3″ rain in the area.

That’s it for today…so who do you think gets more rain through Sunday…us or Phoenix, AZ?




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