MMA fighter down, but not ‘broken’

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KANSAS CITY, Mo. -- Rob Kimmons loves to fight, which is also the main reason he competes in Mixed Martial Arts.

Two weeks ago, Kimmons was set for the fight of his life -- one that could have relaunched his career. But a minute into the fight, his leg snapped.

"I went out there and I was gonna throw a couple punches and then shoot on him."

Seconds later, just as he was setting up his opponent, it happened.

"The last thing I remember is I threw a hook and I dropped him and at the same time he hit me," said Kimmons.

He blacked out and went into shock.

"I came to and I'm in an ambulance and I don't know what happened."

At first, he thought he got knocked out. "But then I looked at my leg and I was like, 'Ohhh, my leg is like busted.'"

Kimmons went to the hospital and x-rays confirmed not one, but three breaks. His reaction -- priceless.

"I was actually relieved because I was like, 'man, if they stopped the fight and all I did was twist my ankle, I'm gonna feel like soft.'"

He's not soft, and mentally, ready to fight.

"Normally you do all that training. Fight is your release and then you get it all out and feel better. Well, I got all this energy pent-up and now I can't event walk."

Physically, he's nowhere close, so he did the next best thing.

"I'm already back in the gym trying to teach classes and stuff because I was going crazy."

it was a freak injury, but one he learned a lot from.

"I have the best friends, the best family, the best core support group I could ever have and I know that now for sure."

He finally watched the video and quickly learned how his opponent reacted.

"That dude jumped on the cage when the fight was over and had arms up in the air, and I was thinking, 'Really?'"

You guessed it -- rematch.

Kimmons has 4 to 6 months of rehab before he's cleared to fight. He will get back on the mat with an even stronger desire to fulfill his dream.

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