One Direction, NKOTB concerts to disrupt downtown KC traffic

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KANSAS CITY, Mo. —¬†Downtown Kansas City will be busy Friday and Sunday nights with two huge concerts, One Direction and New Kids on the Block. That means plenty of traffic, and if you add in road construction, getting to downtown will be problematic.

But, we’ve come up with some quick and easy solutions that don’t include I-35. It may feel like you’re going out of your way, but in reality, you could get to where you’re going faster.

Interstate 35 will be down to two lanes for the rest of the year. The main bridge deck just south of downtown is getting a makeover. It was built 67 years ago and is long overdue for repairs.

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The Missouri Department of Transportation is heading the project.

“They’re working ten hour shifts, two shifts a day, they’re working seven days a week, they’re moving through this as quickly as they possibly can,” said Steve Porter, a spokesman for the Missouri Department of Transportation.

If you are heading to downtown for concerts this weekend, the best thing to do is avoid I-35, but if you must use it — be patient.

“Don’t expect to leave a few minutes before you think you need to be there and expect get there on time,” warns Porter.

If you want some ideas for getting around the construction, here you go:

If you live to the west, Use I-70 east — not 670. Stay on 70 and exit anywhere on the northside of the loop and get to Grand Ave.

For those to the south, use I-435 to get to I-70 east and follow the directions above.

If you live southeast, use 71 Highway, it’s a straight shot into downtown and any exit you want will get you to Grand.

Here’s an important thing to remember, remember how you got in, because that’s how you need to get out!

Normal routes to I-35 via Broadway or 12th Street are closed

It may be frustrating, but there is light at the end of the cone zone tunnel.

“By the end of the year all the work we’ve been working on in downtown on I-35, all the corners of the loop, should be finished and then we shouldn’t be in there doing anything other than periodic maintenance for a long time,” said Porter

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