Search continues for missing runner Chad Rogers

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LIBERTY, Mo. -- Volunteers and investigators spent a second day Wednesday searching for Chad Rogers, 30, who disappeared Monday night after he left for a run.

Police used K-9 dogs for most of the day to try to pick up Chad's scent and kept volunteers at bay in hopes that the dogs would detect something new.

Chad Rogers

Chad Rogers

"It's pretty scary because it's not something that chad would do so that's pretty scary to think of the options that you just kind of have to be hopeful," said Caleb Eissler, who knows Chad's family.

When that did not happen, volunteers were sent out at about 3 p.m. to begin a grid search. Liberty's Community Emergency Response Team divided volunteers into 25 groups of about five people.

The dogs tracked Chad's scent to the area of Ruth Ewing and Birmingham Road, and that's where volunteers focused their efforts and were expected to continue until nightfall.

"About a day in a half ago I got a call saying that Chad was missing, so I ended my training early and found the first flight back to Kansas City," Aaron Murphy said. He said he ran cross-country with Chad in high school.

Rogers' family was also there to help with the search and continue to worry that something bad happened to him.

"In terms of him running away," said Greg Rogers, Chad's father. "It's just not his nature. It's not what he does."

Rogers was staying at home with his 13-month old son after he recently lost his job.

"You look on his Twitter page and it says you know, 'I've got the best job in the world. My boss is a 13-month old,'" Greg Rogers said.

Rogers, a marathon runner, was last seen Monday night at about 8:30 when he left to go on a run. Rogers is 5’11″, 175 lbs, bald, with tattoos on his upper chest, on both arms and forearms and on both thighs and on his right calf. He was last seen wearing a bright orange visor with Newton Running printed on it, black running shorts, and a red running shoes. He was not wearing a shirt.

Chad Rogers

Chad Rogers

CERTS mobile command unit jotted down every little detail teams were radioing back to tell them of items that seem out of place in their search area.

Anyone who thought they could help stopped by. Jason Kipping showed officials his trail cam in case there were any signs of his childhood neighbor.

"I thought maybe someone walked by the camera, something would trigger the camera and maybe something would help find Chad," Kipping said.

But they found nothing. Even so, the story of the missing avid runner and father of one has already touched the lives of hundreds, some complete strangers like Phil Tierney.

"I got a four-year-old sitting at home that I love dearly and I couldn't imagine putting my boy with no dad or his wife for that matter," Tierney said.

"Every hour that goes by is like another hour that he's still out there," said his father.

If you know anything about Rogers, please call Liberty Police at 816-439-4701.

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