Hundreds of leads and volunteers, but jogger remains missing

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LIBERTY, Mo. -- Police continued to work on leads and rely on police dogs to help them locate Chad Rogers, 30, the Liberty man who didn't return home after he left for a run Monday night.

Police said after his picture and story were shared on social media and in the news, hundreds of leads began coming in. Police said three of them were credible and they were pinpointing three areas where they believe Rogers was spotted on Monday.

On Tuesday, dogs in the police canine unit were brought in and picked up Rogers scent, but then lost it again. Police held off search teams for fear they could contaminate the area for the dogs.

Rogers, a marathon runner, was last scene Monday night at about 8:30 when he left to go on a run.  Rogers is 5'11", 175 lbs, bald, with tattoos on his upper chest, on both arms and forearms and on both thighs and on his right calf. He was last seen wearing a bright orange visor with Newton Running printed on it, black running shorts, and a red running shoes. He was not wearing a shirt.

Witnesses have told police he was possibly spotted running east of the interstate. Tuesday evening, volunteers, mostly strangers were concentrating their search at two locations: the intersection of Ruth Ewing and Birmingham Road and working towards highways 291 and 210 and Ruth Ewing and Southview, heading down Southview towards 210 -- which is where bloodhounds lost Rogers' scent.

Around 9 p.m., volunteers, consisting of 42 teams of ten, ended the search because of nightfall. About 100 volunteers gathered again Wednesday morning but police put the teams on hold again. Police briefed the volunteers at about 11:30 a.m., telling them they expected the search could resume Wednesday afternoon.

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Chad Rogers

Chad Rogers

After several hours missing, family began to worry

"It became a couple hours later and we start wondering what to think. We start saying, OK, it's time," said Greg Rogers, Chad's father.

Rogers is married and has a 13-month-old son and was in the process of moving back to Liberty from Jefferson City, his family told FOX 4.

"At about 11 o'clock last night is when I first started worrying. Even at that point, it was just, 'where did he go?'" his dad said.

Chad Rogers

Chad Rogers

"We're in a state of shock," said Jo Ann Immele, Chad's mother-in-law. "This is not like Chad to just run off. He's very devoted to my daughter and extremely devoted to his baby."

If you know anything about Rogers, please call Liberty Police at 816-439-4701.

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