Joe’s Wx Blog: Will This July Be Drier Than Last?

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So cooler and drier air has certainly filtered into the area, this will eliminate the somewhat thicker humidity that was in place and instead dewpoints will be closer to the upper 50s and lower 60s for a bit. This set’s the stage for near record lows for a couple of mornings. This AM we dropped to 61° (record is 57°) and tomorrow the record is 56° set back in 1911.

I did a little month to month comparison last night for the month of July. I wanted to see how many times this each individual day in July was hotter than and that date last year and not surprisingly they were few and far between. I counted 3 so far and between the forecast for the next week and what happened last year from the 24th on….it seems pretty reasonable that with one exception (30th?) each day will be cooler for the rest of the month.Take a look!

ScreenHunter_07 Jul. 23 22.29

Click on that graphic to make it larger. From an average standpoint…last July we our average temperature was 85.8° (+6.9°). So far this month it’s 78.4° (+0.1°) and with the forecast for the next week, odds are we’ll drop somewhat below average to finish the month.

From a rainfall standpoint…we were in the throes of a drought last year…the month of July only gave KCI .49″ of moisture…so far this month KCI has had .20″ of moisture. That’s right…as of today we’re halfway to the July 2012 total!

I’m not that convinced the rain forecast for FRI is going to happen here…it’s very possible this will also be to the southwest of KC as well and pass that way too. Here is a look at the EURO model showing the rain totals from 7PM THU through 7PM Friday.

ScreenHunter_08 Jul. 24 08.04NOT very encouraging. There are other models that are more bullish with the rain though but my concern continues to be a farther SW/W track to this. Let’s hope this chance comes together. It really is amazing how we missed out on all the rain for the last few days…take a loot at the last 48 hours of rainfall…

ScreenHunter_09 Jul

That KC Hole is working hard right now…

BTW…there were some massive storms in Central KS last night including almost 5″ hail! Take a look at some of the pictures from the NWS in Wichita!

This is from a viewer of KWCH-TV.

Have a great Wednesday. I’ll be off on my annual golf vacation for the next week. I’ll try and check in with the blog a couple of times between now and the 31st and I really hope for our sakes and the yards and farms that we get some much-needed rain before I come back. I wonder if I’ll see more rain in the desert than what happens here? Hopefully not!



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