St. Joe brothers are international music superstars

This is an archived article and the information in the article may be outdated. Please look at the time stamp on the story to see when it was last updated.

KANSAS CITY, Mo. -- Three brothers in a band from St. Joseph are in the spotlight with a performance Tuesday at one of the many events leading up to the MLS All-Star game.

They're known as Radkey. It includes 20-year-old Dee Radke, 18-year-old Isaiah Radke and 15-year-old Solomon Radke. The "y" in Radkey is so people can pronounce their name correctly according to Matt Radke, the group members' dad and manager.

The punk group is considered a rising band by music journalists overseas. They are widely known in England.

"You know, you go from rainy, and being able to drink and all that stuff in England and then you know, people knowing who you are sort of, and then coming back to St. Joe and no one knows who we are," Isaiah said.

Isaiah said the have played venues in London, New York, and played at popular music festival South by Southwest in Austin, Tex.

Now they are performing at the KC Live! stage at the Power and Light District, on the eve of the All-Star game.

"I'm just sort of getting off the fact that I think I'm not allowed to dress like this and Power and Light and I'm doing it because I can and I'm playing here and they can't stop me," Isaiah said.

He is opinionated if you didn't notice. The bass player said he is the most outspoken of the bunch.

The oldest and youngest are pretty soft-spoken, even though they can rock out on stage with the guitar or drums and get the crowd roaring together.

"It's actually really awesome to have them right there playing with and practice everyday. It's easier," Solomon said.

Isaiah said, "Just you know, all of us in a van sweaty. All that nonsense."

The band said some of their musical influences are The Misfits, The Ramones and The Who. Some of their favorite bands right now, The Foo Fighters and Blondie.

"We were home-schooled and dad had a lot of cool music. And we were immune to all the crappy music that was in the world at the time. The 90's. Hey, and now even worse," Isaiah said.

So they're trying to play a different tune, one they believe is a higher standard of good music.

They said they are setting their sights for the future, high.

"I want to headline Kansas City, come on! Come on!" Isaiah said.

Isaiah said the band will play Czar Bar on Aug. 5. He said they'll also be celebrating Solomon's birthday.

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