Joe’s Wx Blog: Lot’s Of Tidbits

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Aside from the fog/low clouds, which is/are burning off as of this writing in many areas per the latest visible satellite picture, our weather should be pretty quiet in the region today with temperatures well into the 80s before the day is done…not a bad way to finish the month of July. Rain chances are still there from Friday into the weekend. More on that aspect tomorrow on the blog.

Meanwhile I’m really wondering IF we’re going to see temperatures get to 100° at all this year. Typically we need to do it by the 15th of August. The days are indeed getting shorter now and we’re losing 1-3 minutes of daylight per day. We also are seeing the angle of the sunshine slowly decline, all this combines to reduce our average temperatures in the next few weeks. One look at last night’s EURO run however shows NO signs of any heatwave of any sort heading this way, as a matter of fact the pattern favors renewed cooler conditions sometime by the middle of next week. Those cooler conditions may linger for awhile as well. Here is a look at the day 10 forecast off the EURO model…granted it may not be perfect but it should be somewhat realistic with a trof in the eastern part of the country and cooler air nearby. These are the forecasted 5000′ temperatures in °C…that is some cool for almost mid August air.

Meanwhile, typically as mid August gets closer the tropics start to get more active…last week we had a system (Dorian) fall apart…and it has been sort of a start and stop season thus far with no system really strengthening. It appears, at least for awhile that the tropics may continue to be on the slow side, as a lot of African dust is moving into the tropical region off Africa. There is some thought that a lot of dust may curtail tropical activity and as these huge blobs move off Africa into the Atlantic basin they filter the amount of sunshine that is available…these blobs can actually move all across the Atlantic Ocean. Take a look at the latest images showing the dust plume off Africa. This shows the dust expanding through half the central Atlantic Ocean! This will take a bit of time to work through the system but eventually it will (5-10 days) and things should start perking up in the tropical regions for us to track.

Meanwhile did you know that it hasn’t rained in 34 days in Seattle, WA. July is almost done and they’ve had a “Trace” of rainfall there. There may be some showers there later tomorrow to kick off the month of August.

Oh and finally today…it’s been toasty in AK lately. Yesterday was the 14th straight day of temperatures 70° or above in Anchorage. They broke a record that happened 3 other times…in 1936/53/2004. They’ve been 70°+ 38 times this season the record is 49 in 2004

That’s it for today…I’ll see you tomorrow AM on FOX 4



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