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How secure is your four-digit PIN?

This is an archived article and the information in the article may be outdated. Please look at the time stamp on the story to see when it was last updated.

Have you crafted a cleverly-created four-digit PIN for your bank account? Think the PIN you’ve selected for your smartphone is smarter than the smartest hacker?

Think again.

A new study from DataGenetics lists the top 20 most-used PINS, thereby making them the least secure. According to DataGenetics, there are 10,000 four-digit combinations that can be formed using the numbers 0-9. Is your PIN among the easiest to predict, meaning is it one of the easiest to hack? See how your PIN stacks up:

20 of the least secure PINS:

1234 9999
1111 3333
0000 5555
1212 6666
7777 1122
1004 1313
2000 8888
4444 4321
2222 2001
6969 1010


The PIN coming it at No. 22 on the list of most used was 2580. On a computer keyboard, the digits are slightly more cumbersome to enter, whereas on a phone or an ATM and other terminals that mimic phone style numeric keypads, the numbers 2580 fall straight down the middle, making it an easy PIN to enter — and remember — and hack.

The least frequently used PINS were 7637, 6835, 9629, 8093 and 8068 — but that could now change after DataGenetics has made it public.


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