Potential pop-up ads have Facebook users sounding off

This is an archived article and the information in the article may be outdated. Please look at the time stamp on the story to see when it was last updated.

KANSAS CITY, Mo. -- You try to get onto just about any site and you have to deal with pop-up ads. This is something users say they've seen too much of already. Getting away from ads is the reason many people flock to Facebook from other sites like Myspace, in the first place.

More than a billion people start their day, logging in, updating their status and making new friends. It's simple. But the "face" of Facebook could change. Later this year, the social media site reportedly plans to start offering 15-second video spots. The spots are expected to run before, or as you check in on your page, after you logged into the site. The news has local Facebook users, sounding off.

"Social media is there to be at your fingertips and to be quick, it's not supposed to be, ‘Okay let me sit here and watch this ad that I couldn't care less about’," Facebook user Aaron Swanner said.

Another Facebooker said it goes against her perception of the site’s original intentions.

"I don't think that's the original reason the site was created, and I think it's distracting.' Facebook user Jenny Kornfeld said.

Another said that this will only contribute to an existing problem.

“I think Facebook’s a huge "time-suck" in general. I still use it every day but it's a huge time suck and advertisements are just going to make that a bigger problem.” Facebook user Eddie Van Buskirk said.

Sure, Facebook would "gain" millions....possibly billions from the ads. But how many members might Facebook "lose"?

“Myspace did it back 2008. They made a 3-year deal with Google for about $900,000,000 and the long-term effect of that was disastrous." Social media consultant Alex Greenwood said.

People fled Myspace in droves looking for something simpler. Greenwood said the same thing could happen to Facebook, especially considering the new ads could eventually cost Facebook members’ money.

"if you use your smartphone to access your Facebook page, you're going to have to use your data plan to get in there,” Greendwood said.

Although Greenwood said there isn't currently a site similar enough for users to flock to this time, the next best thing is always around the corner. Facebook has yet to go public with the plans, or comment on when it plans to test the ad spots.


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