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Suspicious tips, how you can prevent being ripped off

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SHAWNEE, Kan. - Greg Wagner says he opened Sharks to provide the "ultimate basement" game room.  He said he hires people he trusts to give it that comfortable feeling, so he was angry when he claims a server started ripping off customers by adding numbers to the tips and totals.

"It angered me. We work hard to make a good customer experience here and it feels like a violation of our efforts to entrust them," Wagner said.

Wagner said he fired the server, who never admitted to the crime. Wagner said that person also hasn't been charged because no victims have come forward.

"Well unfortunately you know this kind of thing is rampant in this industry and you know if people don't care and don't step up, it's never going to get any better," he said.

He warns this is something that anyone who dines out should be aware of.

"I was pretty shocked to hear about how many people had experiences where this sort of thing happened to them," he said.

To avoid the problem, Wagner has some solutions.

"You can use dollar signs in front of the numbers so that they can't add any numbers," he said.

He also said you can use a different pen color, spell out the tip amount or make a cash tip and write "cash tip" in the tip section. Other consumer advocates say you can circle the tip and total and keep your copy of the receipt so you can check it against your bank statement later on.

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