British film production crew tours KC

This is an archived article and the information in the article may be outdated. Please look at the time stamp on the story to see when it was last updated.

KANSAS CITY, Mo. -- Mixed in with local media at the Sporting Park Training Facility for the announcement of the signing of 16 year-old Erik Palmer-Brown, was a production crew from England. The foursome is traveling the United States on a mission to get as many MLS All-Stars to sign a jersey.

The crew works for Copa90, a YouTube professional content channel. Presenter Tom Deacon says for the most part the mission has been a success.

"It's tough to get the signatures, hey, we're doing alright so far, maybe we didn't get Thierry Henry but there's quite a few other players we've gotten," said Deacon.

The work is non-stop for the crew, they're always on the road and working long hours. At times the crew has no idea what state they are even in. Deacon said the heat in Kansas is getting to him, despite standing in Swope Park in Missouri.

Getting used to the driving and food, the Copa90 takes it all in stride.

"Everyone keeps going on about barbecue. Barbecue this, barbeque that, barbeque for breakfast, for lunch," said Deacon.  "I'm like come on guys get over the barbeque. But I've got to try some of this, I hear Oklahoma Joe's is good."

Neil Stacey is a producer on this road trip, he says he can't thank Sporting Kansas City enough for the hospitality.

"Sporting KC has been incredible, they opened up the doors, every request they given us," said Stacey.

The MLS doesn't get much attention in England, The Barclays Premier League is everything when it comes to the sport. However, Deacon says he hopes the Signature Series will increase awareness.

"The more we expose the American soccer over here, maybe might give her a few more fans," said Deacon.

Copa 90 plans to continue the tour to Chicago and New York before heading back to England.

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