Texas group pushes for stricter rules for elderly drivers

This is an archived article and the information in the article may be outdated. Please look at the time stamp on the story to see when it was last updated.

An 83-year old Texas woman has become the ‘poster child’ for a movement to better police elderly drivers.

Three years ago, Vernell Ingram went down an exit ramp the wrong way and nearly killed a motorcyclist.

Courtesy WFAA

Courtesy WFAA

After a police officer wrote a letter to the Texas Department of Public Safety, Ingram was ordered to take her driver’s test again.

She reportedly flunked four times in four weeks before she finally passed on the fifth try.

During her driver’s exam, she ran over a pole and turned left from the right-hand lane, among other violations.

See more of this story at WFAA.com

A group that helped pass a law known as  ‘Katie’s Law” six years ago, is now calling for the DPS to do more.

Katie was killed in 2006 when a 90-year-old driver ran a red light. ‘Katie’s Law’ requires Texas drivers over 79-years to actually go to the DPS to get their license. However, they don’t necessarily have to retake their test.

When asked why she is still driving, the DPS wouldn’t comment on the case, but Ingram’s attorney said she hasn’t had an accident since 2010 and that she passed her last driving test.

In 2011, 122 people were killed and 792 were seriously injured in Missouri in crashes involving a driver 65 years and older.

At age 70, drivers must renew their licenses every three years instead of six. Also, any school bus driver 70 or older must renew their School Bus Permit annually.

In Kansas, at age 65, drivers must renew their licenses every four years instead of every six. There is no age-based road test

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