Unload your bulky trash on the city every month

This is an archived article and the information in the article may be outdated. Please look at the time stamp on the story to see when it was last updated.
Courtesy KCMO Public Works

Courtesy KCMO Public Works

KANSAS CITY, Mo. — Want to get rid of an old TV, couch, mattress or fridge taking up space in your home? If you live in Kansas City, Missouri the city will come to your house and get rid of it for free. But, there are some new changes to the city’s bulky item collection program.

If you have something to get rid of the city will now come to your neighborhood at least once a month. That’s a change from the past when residents often had to wait several months for service. The other big change is that you’ll now have to make an appointment.

The city’s bulky item pick up program is free. It’s for large household items that can’t be picked up during regular weekly trash collection. That includes things like appliances, stoves, washing machines, swing sets, storm windows, beds and other big items.

So how do you take part in the new program? First, you have to visit the city’s website to find when your pickup date is. Then call the 3-1-1 Action Center or make an appointment online at http://www.kcmo.org/trash <http://www.kcmo.org/trash&gt; at least 48 hours prior to your pick up date. “If you don’t have an appointment don’t put it out there because they won’t be collecting without appointments. They’re going to be planning out their work load based on what their scheduled appointments are,” said Dennis Gagnon with the Kansas City, Missouri Public Works Department.

The limit is 15 items per bulky item pick up appointment.

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