Not too late for back-to-school immunizations

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KANSAS CITY, Mo. — It’s hard to believe but many of us are already sending our kids back to school. There’s one more thing to add to that back to school shopping list — vaccinations. A new study from the CDC says many Americans aren’t getting the recommended vaccinations.

That study found that nearly half of all Americans between two and 24 years old aren’t getting the recommended vaccinations. But it’s Missouri and Kansas law to make sure your children are up to date before school.

Health experts say one reason many parents don’t get their kids shots is because of concerns that vaccinations aren’t safe or can lead to health issues like autism. But they say those concerns stem from studies found online that aren’t correct and that immunizations have helped eliminate serious illnesses that plagued our society not long ago.

Trina Teacutter with the Columbia-Boone County Health Department said polio is a prime example.

“When our grandparents were children that was a big problem,” she said.

“I think [vaccinations] are probably the thing that has been the greatest medical discovery in the last 200 years,” said Dr. James Garb.

If you still need to have your children vaccinated you still have time. There is a special back to school immunization clinic this Saturday, August 10 at the Kansas City, Missouri Health Department from 9 a.m. until 3 p.m. All childhood immunizations are free of charge.

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