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Mother claims shooter left taunting voicemails after son was fatally shot

This is an archived article and the information in the article may be outdated. Please look at the time stamp on the story to see when it was last updated.

KANSAS CITY, Kan. -- 73-year old Carole Thrasher said a 3 a.m. voicemail on her answering machine from July 28th is a message she'll never forget.

"I knew who it was and it also showed on my caller ID. He said Curtis deserved what he got," said Trasher.

Her 51-year old son Curtis Shaver was shot and killed July 23rd. Police said Shaver was arguing with his long-time friend Richard Kropp in Kropp's front yard when the homeowner shot Shaver. Law enforcement sources told FOX 4 that Kropp claims self-defense, insisting Shaver was coming at him with a walking stick when he fired the fatal shot.

But Shaver's family has serious doubts and said Shaver had trouble walking because of a previous gun-shot injury and had been threatened by Kropp in recent weeks.

"It does seem to me that he should be charged with murder. I don't know how you threaten to shoot someone, then do it and then you're allowed to say well I did it in self-defense," said Thrasher.

On the day of the shooting Kropp was booked with first-degree murder but released a few days later pending further investigation. Thrasher said soon after Kropp was released he began leaving rambling messages on her home phone, saying the shooting was justified.

"I'm sorry you're trying to sell that to the wrong person. I'm Curtis' mother and he did not deserve to die." Thrasher said

She also said that before her son died, Shaver told her that Kropp had accused him of stealing $100,000 from a safe in Kropp's home.

"He not only said that my son had stolen $100,000 from him but also some gold and get this, 300 zippo lighters," Thrasher said.

She said the theft is a figment of Kropp's imagination. She doubts Kropp ever had a $100,000 dollars to steal and said her son went over to Kropp's on the morning of his death to try to reason with his friend of 30-years.

"I really think that my son tried to go over there to talk to him to try to get things righted, whatever was wrong to try to get things righted." Thrasher said.

Thrasher said Kansas City, Kan. police recorded three harassing phone calls from Kropp as evidence. She received a temporary restraining order against Kropp and has a hearing Wednesday to get a full order of protection that would last a year.

Wyandotte County Prosecutors have charged Kropp with a pair of drug charges after investigators say they found a marijuana growing operation inside Kropp's house in April.

But Kropp wasn't charged with the drug charges until after 51-year-old Shaver was shot dead. Prosecutors told FOX 4 they're waiting on toxicology tests before deciding if they'll charge Kropp with murder.

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1 Comment

  • fox@4news.cpm

    you only have half a story, U have reported on a story that u don’t even know the whole story about. Ur reporting on a case where Curtis left 43 death threats and caused Mr. Kropp to have 2 heart attacks. he js a disabled vet and suffers from depression anxiety and panic attacks.Curtis left 43 death threats against Kropp on his voicemail on his cell phone. On july 23 he left 13 threats to Kropps death within 1 hour. Curtis had been stealling money and other items from Kropp and thought he had gotten away with it. But Kropp still gave him a chance not even mentioning the thefts to Curtis. But tried to help Curtis with working on Kropps even gave him gas money to and from Kropps house
    house. But even then Curtis Was stealing from Kropp. Curtis tried to Kill Kropp when he showed up at 4am to Kropps property and hid behind the light on Kropps property when the Property was posted in two windows for no trespassing. Curtis tried to stab Kropp in the throte with a walking stick sharpened like a pencil. Kropp saw the stick coming and held the storm door against the stick but Curtis was still able to stab Kropp 3 times when
    his sharpened stick was inside Kropps door. He threatened to break one of Kropps windows and drag him out the glass and break every bone that Kropp had broken a few weeks before by falling down his basement stairs. Curtis has made 43 death and terrorist threats on Kropps voicemail.Curtises Mother was informen 2 weeks earlier about the theft by curtis and still took money from Curtis for a dept he owed her for years. So she and Curtises Girlfriend his girlfriends son and the sons girlfriend r all guilty of accepting stolen property. Kropp has a voicemail saying that His mother wanted to thank him for paying off his dept to her even tho she knew it was stolen property. All Kropp did was try to trust Curtis. And this is still not the whole story. U have reported and convected my brother without having a true and whole story to report on. My Brother can not leave his house for 4 to 5 months at a time because of his illnesses. and Curtis used this against him He broke 3 ribs of my brother 2 weeks before he stole 100,000 dollars from my brother 10 ozs of gold coins and bars and about the same amount in silver plus 370 antique Zippo lighters. Just because my brother tried to see the good in people and your half story reports have hurt him even more than all that he suffers with. you are guilty of running a half story and leaning towards the shaver/ Thrasher story..
    Just ask his mother how much money she took from Curtis for his dept to her, from money she knew was stolen. Kropp tried to do it legal . He went to the KCK detectives to report this 2 months before Curtis came upon his property to kill him. The detective that had the case had to take 3 weeks off because of a sick spouse and over 1 and a half months since it was first reported that the Detective was just hearing the death/ terrorist threats. He would have already been in jail for grand theft way before he was shot. u make ur own conclusions.Since you already have.

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