Chad Rogers’ wife breaks silence hoping to quell misconceptions

This is an archived article and the information in the article may be outdated. Please look at the time stamp on the story to see when it was last updated.

LIBERTY, Mo. -- For days hundreds of people searched for a missing Liberty runner and father later found dead in a portable toilet. On Tuesday his widow broke her silence. There is still no official cause of death in the Chad Rogers case.

Meanwhile his widow took to Facebook and said she had something she wanted to clear up. This is the first time we're hearing from Sarah Rogers, who chose to remain silent as she grieved.

But she took to Facebook to clear up what she called ‘questions and misconceptions’ which have surfaced on the Internet since her husband's death.

One of her main concerns centers on the cause of her husband’s death.

In the post she stated that:

"Chad was not a drug user, he did not drink, and he did not commit suicide. I have requested that all further details which are known remain private until the medical examiner provides me with the rest of the facts.”

Right now, she said all the information points to natural causes. She prefaced that comment by saying that her lack of sharing is:

"Not related to any shame or embarrassment over Chad's death. My request for silence on this topic is largely because I do not want false information being spread about Chad which may harm my child."

"Chad was like a supernova...he was a bright shining star in this galaxy that we call life," Keithy Townsend said at Rogers’ funeral.

In his widow’s post, Sarah Rogers addressed events like these in her late husband's honor. She went on to write that:

“The offers to coordinate these events came to me from some close friends who wanted to do something to benefit my child, and were not solicited by me.”

She said memorial events and funds were initiated by the generosity of others and not something she asked for. Sarah Rogers also thanked the community for supporting her, and her son during their time of loss.

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