Dog severly injured by neck collar headed to foster family

This is an archived article and the information in the article may be outdated. Please look at the time stamp on the story to see when it was last updated.

MISSION, Kan. — A dog that wasn’t expected to live because his injuries were so severe, is a true success story thanks to the staff at Unleashed Animal Rescue.

The staff call him ‘Tarzan.’ The one to two-year-old yellow lab was slated to be put to sleep by KCK Animal Control because he was so badly injured from a deeply embedded collar in his neck. He also had heart worm and his ears and nose were bitten up by flies.

Staff at Unleashed Animal Rescue said the embedded collar problem was serious, and a problem rescuers say they see about once a month. A vet had to cut the collar off the dog’s neck and stitch him up.

“Wherever he was, he was chained up outside,” said Danielle Reno, President of Unleashed. “What happens is when someone puts a collar on a dog as a puppy and chains them up outside, the dog grows and the collar doesn’t and no one checks on the dog to adjust the collar. The collar grows into the dog’s neck and the dog can die from that.”

The staff at Unleashed says since they found Tarzan just in time, he will make a full recovery. He’s going to a foster family now, but should be available for adoption once his wound heals in a couple of weeks.

Note: Graphic pictures of Tarzan’s neck wound inside the photo gallery below:

Unleashed Pet Rescue:

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