Don’t let summer end before you check out these apps, gadgets!

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Before you know it, it will be Labor day and the unofficial end to Summer will be here.  Be sure you're family has one last Summer hurrah!  Tech guru, April Mayrath, shared with us some of her favorite apps and gadgets that will help you plan an amazing Labor Day weekend.

1. FreedomPop (Free)
This is a cool new company that actually gives you access to FREE wireless Internet through a number of different devices.

You get 500MB of free mobile data each month. What's 500MB? It's plenty of data to check your email, upload photos to Facebook and surf the Web on the go.

Mayrath's favorite gadget is this FreedomPop Overdrive hotspot. It's a portable hotspot that fits in your pocket or purse, and you can connect up to five different devices to it wirelessly. So you can have your iPad or your laptop connected while you're traveling.
We all know how pricey and sometimes unreliable the Wi-Fi at airports and hotels can be. So, FreedomPop is a perfect solution for getting Internet access while traveling this Labor Day weekend.

You can order your FreedomPop hotspot at

2. Gogobot
It's a free app that has been dubbed "the Facebook of travel."

How many times have you researched a location online and you're reading reviews of people that you don't even know?

Gogobot allows you to find places by getting advice from trusted friends and others in your network.

You can book hotels, make restaurant reservations and share your travel experiences through Gogobot.

The coolest part about Gogobot for me is that you can create customized postcards using your own photos and share with your friends and family back home!

Download Gogobot free at

3. Outdoor Technology Waterproof iPhone case ($50)
Have you ever accidentally jumped in the pool with your phone in your pocket, or worse yet - dropped it in the toilet?

Outdoor Technology makes this awesome new iPhone case that is completely waterproof, which is amazing if you're around the pool or the lake this Labor Day weekend and you want to make sure your phone isn't splashed. Because who has time to leave their phone in a bag of rice for hours?

The neat thing for me is the fact that that case itself is NOT bulky at all. You can purchase this at

4. Mophie "Juice Pack" wireless charger ($30)
Sometimes, the trouble with traveling with all these gadgets like your iPhone and iPod is that they tend to run out of juice just when you need them the most.

There are a lot of battery extenders on the market, but this Mophie Juice Pack is great because it's energy-efficient, it's tiny, and it doesn't have an on/off switch. Which is perfect for me, because I ALWAYS forget to turn things off. When it's not charging your device, it's off, and doesn't use up excess power.

Mophie makes all types of portable chargers, but this one is for iPhone and iPod. You can purchase it at

5. HotelTonight
It's a free app that lets you secure pretty incredible deals on last-minute hotel bookings all over the world up to 70 percent off.

You can sort by area and get rock-bottom prices for rooms that these hotels are trying to fill for the night and would otherwise sit there empty.

The app is free, and you can download and learn more at

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