Much ado about doo-doo

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KANSAS CITY, Mo. - It's definitely not Swan Lake.  It's more like goose sewer.

"If it'd be a little cleaner, it'd be nice," said Katie Smith.

The J.C. Nichols fountain is not only something tourists stop to take pictures of, but it's the place geese stop to load up on a day's worth of grass.

"The actual geese are beautiful, but this is not," said Linda Glass.

Goose droppings, like landmines, are splattered around the fountain, the grass, and the sidewalks all around the fountain.

"I'm purposely not walking around the fountain because of it," said Glass.

The city knows there's an issue, and they tried addressing it with goose repellent sprayed on about an acre of grass near the fountain.  A Parks and Recreation official says the repellent is supposed to last 30 days, but they've been spraying about once a week and so far it seems the geese don't mind it much.

"Looks like the geese are eating the grass, so not for sure spraying it would be the best idea," Smith said.

So for now they defecate freely, unlike dogs in the park, and it's upsetting people who value the iconic fountain and park.

"This is not the way we really want to represent Kansas City.  It's pretty awful to have to watch where you walk."

A Parks and Recreation representative says it costs about $250 each time the repellent is applied, that includes the cost of man-power.  He says the department will keep spraying through September, but they're working with the Missouri Department of Conservation to come up with other ways to deal with the geese.

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