Joe’s Wx Blog: Heat Continues…

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Not the most exciting topic of a weather blog, but the summer’s strongest heat (in terms of length) is building into the region. Whether or not we get to the hottest temperatures so far this summer (97°) remains to be seen (I’m doubtful) but a long duration run of 90°+ seems guaranteed to last for at least another week…and maybe even longer than that as the maps this morning are very toasty indeed for quite some time. I believe the longest stretch of 90°+ this season has been 4 straight days (we’ve done it twice I think). Well today will be day #3 and we’re off to the races for the rest of the upcoming week.

Today’s visible satellite picture is all you need to see concerning the expanse of the mainly clear skies. This is a visible picture so tonight there won’t be data on it, but tomorrow it will show much of the same I think.


Aloft, one look at the 500 mb level (or about 18,000′ or so) shows the big H near the Springfield, MO area. This is the center of the developing anticyclone (or the heat pump) that will vacillate across the Plains in terms of size and intensity for another 7-10 days or so.


The moisture on the periphery of the dome will move around it and affect areas from the SW part of the country through the Rockies over the next few days. This should mean more rain across the SW part of the country. There are also the remains of a tropical system caught in the flow out there helping the cause. Here is radar from Phoenix showing the rain out there…so again they’ll get some rain and we’ll be high and dry in the KC area.


Now when does this end? Well there should be a front of sorts edge towards the area sometime after Labor Day (maybe)…there are still questions about the intensity of the front itself. The latest GFS has grabbed onto some weird disturbance in the Gulf of Mexico and is swinging it around the HIGH and bringing it to us later int he week with a rain threat. At this point this seems very far fetched to me and it will be discounted. I really wouldn’t expect any decent heat relieving front to move in at least for the next 10 days or so…so basically we’ll be in a rut of low to middle 90s for the foreseeable future.

Here is a look at the EURO forecast for highs and lows over the next 10 days…basically more of the same. The EURO does have a tendency to be a few degrees too warm I think…but the idea is certainly valid. Clock on that image to make it larger.

ScreenHunter_02 Aug. 25 11.52

This heat is probably going to set records, especially across the upper Midwest for a few days at least. After such a temperate last month it seems as if we’re going to be talking about a lot of heat for the rest of the month and the early part of September.

By the way, the tropics should start to become active later this week into Labor Day weekend…especially in the Atlantic Basin…

That’s about it for today…have a great rest of the weekend and early next week.


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