Police, neighbors plead for info in murders of mother and daughter

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KANSAS CITY, Mo. -- The murder of a mother and her three-year-old daughter has united a neighborhood who said they are angry that someone is not stepping forward to help find out who killed them.

On Sunday night, they gathered at the scene of the crime near 55th and Wabash in Kansas City for a vigil.  Police detectives and even the Jackson County prosecutor attended the vigil, telling FOX 4 News they are working around the clock on this case.  But they said they still need more information, reminding people that it's not snitching to report someone for a crime.  Instead, it's being a hero.  And in this case, its exactly what a Kansas City family needs.

Members of the neighborhood hit the streets on Sunday hoping to find answers.  Even though the two victims did not live in the house off of Wabash for very long.  It's hard for anyone to believe someone did not hear or see something going on.

"It is upsetting that no one thought to call, to peek out and check or didn't hear this baby crying and investigate," said Bryan Dial, ADHOC executive director.

For at least a day, it is believed nearly one-year-old Denim stayed in the home while his mother, Myeshia Turner and sister Damiah White lay dead.  On Friday, a family member stopped by and found a door open, the baby crying and the two bodies.

Now neighbors say the violence has to stop.

"Mothers, we should not be burying our children.  They should be burying us," another family member told the assembled crowd at the vigil.

In front of dozens of family members and others, community leaders urged people to come forward in the case.

"This is too much for us and I need someone to come forward to bring a name with us and get this taken care for us," said Kevin Turner, Meyeshia's uncle.

The most touching part of Sunday's vigil was when Alvin Brooks asked all of the little kids, some even friends of  murder victim Demaiah to come forward.

"None of these young folks are named Demiah, but they are Demiahs, because they are our children.  So to the killer and the one that knows the killer -- this is the life you took...of these aged youngsters," Brooks said.

If you have any information about this case, call the TIPS Hotline at (816) 474-TIPS.

Family wants answers after double homicide

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1 Comment

  • Aishah

    And I’m urging SOMEONE ANYONE come forward about this young lady and her daughter. But it doesn’t end there, WHO ARE YOU, WHERE ARE YOU, YES the evil, UNCOMPASSIONATE, murderers who shot and killed my son Montell and my nephew Jayden!!!!! WE DEMAND JUSTICE!!!!