Kan. couple turns shed into 1930s gas station

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PERRY, Kan. --  If you want to take a trip back to the gas stations of the 1930s, all you have to do is go inside Rowan and Tanya Green's backyard shed.

The couple said they have been collecting gas and oil company memorabilia for about 20 years.  They said when they built their house, they decided their collection needed to be shared.

"We decided instead of just keeping it in boxes we were going to need to put it somewhere," Tanya said.

The couple's shed is an old cottage-style gas stop from the 30's. They even have a name for the shop Rowan built. It's called Green's Phillips 66. The couple has mostly Phillips products.

"Some of the other items are just the way we bought them and then there are some items that are still in need of restoration," Rowan said.

Inside the store, there is a working old register, vintage road maps, and small details like gum, covered. There are also items visitors tell the Greens, take them back a few decades. Rowan also has a Phillips pump and an alert system used back then. When cars drove over a cable, it would ding a bell to tell attendants there was a car outside.  The Greens both said they are old car lovers. Tanya has a 1964 Mustang and Rowan has a 1963 Plymouth. Both park inside the store's garage.

"Oh, 'My granddad had that in his gas station or my dad had these in his store,'" Rowan explains

The couple said most of their stuff, they find at gas and oil shows, flea markets or garage sales.

"That was sitting at the curb and I said, 'What do you want for that?' And he said, 'I just want it to go away.' So I couldn't get it in my car fast enough," Tanya said.  It has plenty of room in what Tanya calls her picnic store.

You won't be spending money to come here.  The Greens said their store, is only open to family and friends.

The Greens said their next big project is to restore some old lube cans.  They also said they plan to keep collecting items.

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