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Congressman Cleaver convenes with constituents to debate intervention in Syria

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KANSAS CITY, Mo. -- Kansas City congressman Emmanuel Cleaver II is among elected politicians who are reaching out "before" they head back to Washington D.C. to vote on possible U.S. intervention in Syria. One thing everyone at the town hall meeting had in common was passion; either passionately for or against military involvement.

It was standing room only at the town hall meeting and the majority seemed to agree with attendee Michael Muhammad.

"I don't see where Syria has committed any acts against America," Muhammad said.

Muhammad is against the United States getting involved, the veteran carried a poster expressing his views and spoke of war weariness.

"I'm tired of war. I don't think our soldiers need to fight," Muhammad said.

Some said they're worried about what will happen to the U.S. if our country gets involved.

"I don't believe that Assad's allies- Russia, China and Iran will sit by and allow us to bomb them without some retaliation,” one attendee said.

Many also said they don't want to see the U.S. lose more money or lives.

"We don't want to make this choice, but if we have to- we would choose peace. We've fought too many wars," another attendee said.

But at this meeting were a number of Syrian-Americans who view U.S. involvement as Syria’s only hope. They said the U.S. can actually save lives by bombing Syria.

A woman from Syria said, "Being from Syria and wanting the U.S. to bomb my country, that's a big deal, that shows you how serious this situation has become."

Another proponent of intervention said, "It's not war against Syria, it's for the Syrian people."

They said without some kind of intervention- their fear is a fight until the death. Congressman Cleaver said this was his chance to hear directly from his constituents on this serious matter.

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