TECH REPORT: Set reminders on your TV with digital sticky notes

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LOS ANGELES -- If you're constantly reminding your family to take out the trash or do their homework -- new technology might help.

Reminders are going high tech.  Instead of leaving a sticky note somewhere it won't get noticed or where it falls off the wall -- these messages pop up on your TV screen, so you know your family saw them.

Even with all of the technoloty we have at our fingertips, the sticky note seems to be stuck as our family reminder of choice.  Sticky notes are notorious for getting lost in the shuffle, here's a great way to keep that from happening.

A new free interactive app from AT&T U-verse puts your messages on the screen that matter most.

Press the Go interactive button on your remote and look for TV notes.

Choose from a list of pre-programmed messages like "I love you" or "Call me at work." Or you can create your own.

Pick a time for your pop up, one channel or all of them.  And your message is delivered on screen, right on time.

You can also program the pop up messages from your cell phone.

If you really want to get their attention, you need to use the blockout feature, which basically shuts the TV down and reminds them, "It`s time to do your homework, kids."

They won't be able to watch TV until you give them the code.

It's a new way to text a simple reminder.  You can even send yourself a message.  If you're really forgetful, you can have a note repeat at the same time every day or weekly.

For more information on TV Notes, just go to

by Rich DeMuro

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