Problem Solvers adds man to Hall of Shame

This is an archived article and the information in the article may be outdated. Please look at the time stamp on the story to see when it was last updated.

FOX 4 Problem Solvers inducted a new member into its Hall of Shame. And while that's bad news for one man, the Problem Solvers shared some good news for a Lake Tapawingo family abandoned by the man it hired to build a carport.

A load of lumber has arrived at Bill and Roxanne Young's home.

It's from John Edwards, the contractor the Young's gave $4,600 to as a deposit to build a carport. But four months later, when the carport wasn't even started and Edwards stopped returning phone calls, the Youngs called FOX 4 Problem Solvers. The day after our story aired, this large pile of wood tresses, valued at more than $4,000, was dropped off.

"If they are paid for at least I've got some of the money I paid to Mr. Edwards and at least I can get started on my carport and have somebody else do it," said Young.

However, the Young's neighbor Jean Moore is still out the $1,800 she paid Edwards. She's hoping that the lumber delivery is just the first sign that her problem is also on its way to being solved.

And remember 87-year-old Javail Mitten? He's the Hamilton, Mo., man who paid nearly $10,000 to a crew who put down chip and seal on his driveway. Experts tell us he was charged about three times what the job should have cost. Plus weeds started growing through the chip and seal just days later.

"I feel like a dummy to let them come in and do what they done to me," said Mr. Mitten.

Right after our story aired, Mark Hudson, the owner of Crossroads Chip and Seal, called the Mitten family and promised to return $4,500. But he never did, something Mr. Mitten's daughter, Lanna Cain,  is angry about.

"They shouldn't be taking advantage of the elderly," said Ms. Cain.

The Caldwell County Sheriff and the Missouri Attorney General's office are looking into the problem. Plus Crossroads Chip and Seal and KC Hudson, the foreman who took Mr. Mitten's money, are now official members of the FOX 4 Problem Solver Hall of Shame.

On a brighter note, the driveway and backyard of a Kansas City home have finally been restored. Homeowner Jerry Chamberlin, who lives in Brookside, contacted Problem Solvers after the Kansas City Water Department failed to finish fixing his backyard. The Water Department dug up his backyard this past spring to fix a break in a main line.

Mr. Chamberlin's driveway is now fully paved. His fence is fixed and new grass seed is growing, solving a problem for a now happy Mr. Chamberlin.

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