Fake, dead bodies in Halloween display look so realistic, woman calls 911

This is an archived article and the information in the article may be outdated. Please look at the time stamp on the story to see when it was last updated.
A Halloween display in Mustang, Okla. prompted someone to call 911.

A Halloween display in Mustang, Okla. prompted someone to call 911.

MUSTANG, Okla. — An Oklahoma man is defending the very realistic Halloween display he created in his driveway, even though it looks too genuine to some who drive by it.

Johnnie Mullins said his kids wanted to decorate for Halloween…. “So that’s what we did. Just trying to scare people,” he said. (Hear from him in the video player below.)

Mullins stuffed clothing with pillows and made it look like two people were killed in his driveway.

Someone even called 911.

“I was just driving by and it looked like his head was closed in the garage door,” said the 911 caller.

Others aren’t happy about what they see either.

halloween display“My heart about came out of my chest. I thought, ‘Oh my God,'” said a woman named Rebecca. “It infuriated me because there are so many children that go up and down that block and if I thought it was real, I can only imagine what a child would think.”

A city inspector from Mustang came out to Mullins’ house after the complaints, but said Mullins had broken no laws with his display.

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  • Terry Roberts

    when i was a kid, i had a very good friend and his parents were separated. His mom was dating a guy off and on and then his dad came to the house one day and they talked and decided to re-unite and the boyfriend got mad and came with a gun looking for the dad. Long story short, dad had a deer rifle, shot through the door and killed the boyfriend. Now I was 10 and i saw the after and it didn’t hurt me. So to the woman who thinks it marrs kids, get a life. You are part of a society that is trying to protect kids so much that you are hurting them.

  • Donna

    it,s a lot of crime go on everyday. so who know,s what, s real especilley if it,s late at nite and you cannot see. at least people do care. you have to look at this both way,s you may be saving a life