Mother of 3 posts pic of her fit body, get criticizes for shaming other women

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SACRAMENTO, Calif. — A California mother is being both praised and berated on social media after posting a picture of herself with her three kids with the caption, ‘What’s your excuse?’

Maria Kang posted a picture on her facebook page that said 'What's your excuse?" and women responded critically.

Maria Kang posted a picture on her facebook page that said ‘What’s your excuse?” and women responded critically.

Maria Kang is obviously in good shape and looks fit in her micro-shorts and workout bra.  The picture she posted on her facebook page went viral and she has experienced unexpected criticism.

Some accuse her of ‘fat-shaming’ other women.

Kang is a fitness blogger, a business owner, a wife and mother of three young boys. She has won several beauty and fitness competitions. But, she says it hasn’t been easy for her either.  Kang said she has a family history of obesity and said she has suffered from bulimia. The photo came after she lost the 40 pounds she gained during her third pregnancy.

Kang spoke to FOX 40 in Sacramento and said she never expected the millions of views, comments and shares that came after she posted the photo. She addressed her critics and said it is they who misinterpreted her message.

“It doesn’t say, ‘What’s your excuse for not looking… like me. It never said that,” Kang explained. “What I’m saying is, ‘You can do you. You do you. You become the best person you can be.”

Kang also wrote a response on her facebook page to those who complained about her post or accused her of having surgery.

“I won’t go into details that I struggled with my genetics, had an eating disorder, work full-time owning two business’, have no nanny, am not naturally skinny and do not work as a personal trainer. I won’t even mention how I didn’t give into cravings for ice cream, french fries or chocolate while pregnant or use my growing belly as an excuse to be inactive,” she scolded.

Click on the link below from FOX 40 in Sacramento– for more of Kang’s comments and some quick pictures of how she looked shortly after she gave birth to her 3rd child (in their video player.)

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  • Karen Stevenson

    I think you look terrific! Keep up the good work. You have a very busy life, which helps you keep your metabolism working. I would be very proud to look like you do now. Unhappy people are critical people. Love yourself and let the others worry about themselves.

  • Shelly Peek

    I’m in my late 40s and use to be in awesome shape. What is your secreta would it work for someone my age. I have type 2 diabetes and my Dr would like me to lose 20 lbs but our insurance won’t pay for a gym membership or a personal trainer. Could you please give me some advice. You look awesome I’d settle for pretty good. LOL

  • Doug Bright

    I glad u did what u did after giving birth. 60% of the lady’s who are complaining ARE just lazy and don’t want to put in the effort that you did. Excuse’s after Excuse’s for them. Go girl.

    • loritanner

      She is paid to stay in can be healthy for your kids by not smoking, not excessively drinking, good hygenie, proper cooking handling, good sanitation, control of finances, being kjnd to otjers. Kids dont care how fay their parents are

  • Laura Mills

    I do not find this mean or offensive at all…..Really do not see the big deal nor how this story went viral,I am 41 have 5 kids weight is 103 @ 5’2 and have next to nothing in body fat and am totally active….So,What is the big deal about this story???????????/lol

    • Alexis

      Hater! Being that the majority of people in the US are obese and Michelle Obama has a campaign targeted at youth to be healthier gives one big reason why this story is a big deal. Your so vein, you probably think this story is about you.

  • Susan

    Good for her! She looks awesome and has every right to be proud. I used to be a workout fanatic and was every bit as thin at 40 years old. I got too lazy, too busy, or whatever you want to call it and have not maintained it. That’s on me and no one but me.

  • Angel

    I get that she is proud of what she accomplished but I can see where people are offended. Heck her responses offended me more than the photo really. If that is what she meant to say then she shouldn’t have just post “What’s your excuse?” on the photo. It comes off arrogant so I can see why people are mad. And she needs to be more understanding. Its not always laziness. Some people really are too busy or just don’t have access to what they need or simply don’t know how they can lose the weight. She should have taken a more educational approach to it instead of just assuming it was laziness.

  • Tonga

    I don’t think she was intentionally targeting mothers who arent in this kind of shape. “Getting fit to be around for your kids and family” is probably the message she was sending! Not everyone has the genetic profile to have a Victoria Secrets body, but most everyone can do things to get fit.

  • Kelsey

    Not offensive. She looks awesome and she has every right to be proud of that. The picture IS motivational to a lot of people, as well. Jealousy makes people say some ridiculous things. They’re hypocrites if they saying you’re the one trying to bring them down..

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  • Greg Huskey

    The dark side of social media is that every person can make his or her position public, and often those views are caustic. We have to expect that someone, somewhere, will dislike what we say and believe. Ignore them. Don’t be a victim of the body positive police, the beauty shamers. You are impressive.

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