Challenge of the day: Be polite when you would normally be snarky

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PRConsultants Group (PRCG) declares Oct. 22 "Snark Free Day."

PRConsultants Group (PRCG) declares Oct. 22 "Snark Free Day."

KANSAS CITY, Mo. — A group of public relations professionals is using their professional skills to try to make Tuesday a nicer day for all.

How exactly?

PRConsultants Group (PRCG) has declared Tuesday, Oct. 22 as “Snark Free Day.”

They encourage people to go out of their way to be POLITE, KIND and CONSIDERATE rather than RUDE, SARCASTIC and SNARKY.

“Instead of taking the cheap shot, take the high road,” said Toni Antonetti, a director of PRCG in a news release. “People have been emboldened by the anonymity and immediacy of online commenting. On October 22, we’re asking others to commit to taking just a moment before speaking, hitting send or posting to think about the effect our words have on those who receive them. Be snark free for one day.”

To promote the day, the PR pros produced a sketch video featuring a ‘World Class Jerk’ named Jonathan Snark.  Watch it in the YouTube video below.

They also created their own hashtag: #snarkfreeday.



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