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Kidnapping victim shares harrowing tale of survival

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KANSAS CITY, Mo. -- Two weeks after a 28-year-old Kansas City woman was kidnapped from her house in the middle of the night, she's sharing her story only with FOX 4. Antoinette Leak said she never thought twice about opening her door in the pre-dawn hours of October 9th, because her ex-boyfriend had never been violent before.

"That wasn't the person that I knew," said Leak.

That morning he had had left more than 20 phone messages when he showed up pounding on her window and ringing her doorbell. Leak said as soon she opened the door, her ex-boyfriend, Stephan Drake, threw her in his car and drove around for hours, punching her repeatedly.

"Very scary, especially when you hear somebody say, 'You're going to die, you're never going to see your kids again,' that's scary," said Leak.

She said police cars passed by her and Drake but they didn't notice the couple parked in a driveway.

"He was like, 'Why can't we be together?' and I'm like, 'We can, we can, like we'll just make it work,' anything to get out of the car. I saw the cops drove by the car but it wasn't anything I could do," she said.

When Drake slowed his car down near 75th and Prospect, Leak said she jumped out

"He ripped my shirt and my bra so at that point; I'm running up the street topless. I kept running, he caught me, put me back in the car," she said.

Eventually, Leak said Drake let her go near 82nd and Paseo telling her, he "messed up." She tried running home but her feet hurt so bad from road rash after her previous escape attempt that she only made it a few blocks before she collapsed and called relatives from her cell phone.

Family members with TV news crews trailing; found her a block from home. An uncle carried her to a waiting car and drove her to an area hospital where she stayed for the next week.

"I have family and kids that I was determined to see again," said Leak.

The next day her ex-boyfriend Drake, 27, turned himself into police. Jackson County Prosecutors have charged him with kidnapping and domestic assault. He's being held on a $150,000 cash only bond.

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    • SHAN

      Some people are just so ignorant…How is it one sided to let a VICTIM of a crime tell their story?? And what exactly would his “side” be anyway? His “feelings were hurt” so he decided to terroize this woman?? People like you are why domestic violence is such an epidemic in this country. There is NO EXCUSE for what he did!

  • slspn22

    I have been CLOSELY following this story in an unbiased manner while looking past the sensationalism of the media, and beyond the obvious surface. For certain there are gaps in major details. So I agree there are 2-sides to EVERY story. Lastly, I do not condone domestic violence…I have just lived long enough and studied enough history to know that not every person that yells victim is an actual victim. I’m praying that truth will prevail in this event.

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