Baby dresses as Andy Reid for Halloween, gets national attention

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OLATHE, Kan. -- When you're the hottest football team in the NFL, everyone wants a piece of the action.

One family from Olathe, Kan., is gathering national attention, for their cute tribute to Chiefs Coach Andy Reid.

It isn't every mother who can brag about her five-month-old's mustache. But for these hardcore chiefs fans, trick or treat is a time to pay tribute.

The Kansas City Chiefs are doing more than survive. The 2013 season is Reid's time to thrive, taking the team through eight games without a loss.

And the Leeper family from Olathe likes what they see. Jodi Leeper and her husband B.J. are dressing their youngest -- five-month-old Graham -- as the Chiefs' chief. When Halloween rolls around on Thursday, they'll take Little Andy Reid for tricks or treats.

"He kind of just looks like a man anyhow," Jodi Leeper said. "He has this older look."

The glasses and headset came from a family member, but the whiskers came from somewhere completely different.

"We tore apart an old horse on a stick and cut the mane off and stuck it to his binky, so he just left it in the whole time," Leeper said.

And good news travels fast. The Leepers shared a photo of Little Graham on Facebook, and it took off. Jodi estimates the photo has been seen -- and re-shared -- by thousands of people.

"Andy Reid is a pretty popular man," Leeper said. "The Chiefs are rock stars right now. It worked out really well."

The attention raised by Graham's Kansas City 'stache and Reid's good looks haven't ended merely with Chiefs Kingdom. Even the national media outlets are getting in touch with the Leepers, including the likes of Sports Illustrated.

"He's just the sweetest baby, always," Jodi Leeper said. "He just takes it and rolls with everything."

The real Coach Reid is preparing for a Sunday trip to Buffalo, and a noontime game against the Bills. As for little Graham, his mom says they'll keep their trick or treat fun close to home in Olathe.


Check out Sean McDowell's FOX 4 Facebook page here.

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