Tiny town of Leith approves moratorium to stunt white supremacist’s plans

This is an archived article and the information in the article may be outdated. Please look at the time stamp on the story to see when it was last updated.

LEITH, N.D. – White supremacist Craig Cobb has visions of turning the diminutive town of Leith, North Dakota into a stronghold for the National Socialist Movement. Cobb had been purchasing property in the town and inviting NSM members to town in hopes that he could build a voting majority to take it over. But radio station KFGO reports those plans may have hit a snag after an action taken by the city’s council.

KFGO reports that a six month moratorium on new building or mobile home construction was approved by the council on Sunday night.

The council hopes it buys time to develop and enact codes that have previously been absent. The council held an initial reading on a newly developed building code that requires water and sewer services for buildings. Furthermore, the code also prevents tents and campers from being in the city for more than 10 days. Cobb will now have to equip the home he’s sharing with three other supremacists and their children with running water and sewer services according to the Bismarck Tribune.

Cobb’s plans have made for turbulent times in the small town, estimated to have between 16 and 25 people. The Southern Poverty Law Center reports that new resident an NSM member Kynan Dutton, 29, was forcibly removed from an official town meeting on October 18 after making racial and profane remarks. The center said that Dutton uprooted his family from Oregon to Leith on October 5.

Dutton’s action moved the town to reach out for donations to its legal defense fund. A post on its website claims that legal defense funds will be used for security at future town and city council meetings.

For Cobb’s part, he said the city will have to sue his ‘Cathedral of Creativity’ religion to take action on him, to which he has transferred all of his property. He also said he may rename Leith the ‘Village of the Damned,’ when he takes over according to the Tribune.

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