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Screening Room Home Video Edition: “White House Down,” “Grown Ups 2”

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You have to wonder what filmmaker Roland Emmerich has got against the White House. The “Master of Disaster” blew it up memorably in the sci-fi classic, “Independence Day.” Now, he has it overtaken by domestic terrorists in the action thriller, “White House Down."


You gotta give my man Roland credit. He never fails to entertain. But he also always fails to tell an engaging and or coherent story. Can't deny the star power. Jamie Foxx and Channing Tatum muscle up and go all in even if what they are working with is mediocre at best.


The words ‘silly’ and ‘absurd’ don’t even begin to describe it. Emmerich even manages to include a wild car chase in a movie that takes place completely on the White House grounds! Still, the superior production values and an appealing cast do their darn’dest and save the movie…even if they can’t save 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue.


The word is implausible. when it comes to the extras the word is excessive. There are Nine Featurettes. Nine! I get that if it's "The lord of the Rings Trilogy" but for "White House Down?" Are you serious? Oh and there is also a gag reel. Seriously?

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What did America ever do to deserve a sequel to “Grown Ups?” The original 2010 ensemble comedy was one of the worst films that year. No matter. It still made $162 million at the box office, so we’re getting exactly what we asked for.


I didn't ask for it. And a funny thing happened while watching “Grown Ups 2.” It proved that “Grown Ups” wasn’t officially the biggest waste of the talent in the history of movies. This unfunny movie is horrible. Worst it isn't even mildly entertaining.


Adam Sandler, Kevin James, Chris Rock and David Spade return as old chums who get hassled by some obnoxious college kids on the last day of classes. It's utterly insipid with the emphasis on potty humor, but “Grown Ups 2" manages to extract a few gross out laughs with the bodily functions.


There needs to be serious legislation that Adam Sandler not be allowed to make anymore movies. I don’t think a movie could be anymore uninspired or unfunny. The DVD and Blu-rayonly contain deleted scenes and a few fluffy bonuses. And I just pretty much avoid any movie with Shaquille O'Neal even if it's only a cameo.

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