Baby discovered encased in concrete in Pleasant Hill, Mo., home

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PLEASANT HILL, Mo. -- The body of a baby was discovered Monday encased in concrete, and now police are questioning an adult who lived in the home located in Pleasant Hill, Mo.

Police told FOX 4's Macradee Aegerter they responded to the home in the 300 block of Cline St., on reports of a stolen automobile. When they arrive, they asked the man if they could search the home and police said they received the resident's permission.

During the search, police say they noticed a plastic tote filled with concrete. They then discovered the body of a baby inside.

"During the course of that investigation, it led us not only to the stolen auto and to some minor drug paraphernalia and drugs, but it also led us to a capsule that we believed contained a body of an infant that had possibly been born sometime in the first part of October," explained Chief Robert Driscoll, Pleasant Hill Police.

The couple who live in the home has four children, according to police. The children are now with their grandparents in the small town of Prairie Home, Mo., about two hours east of Pleasant Hill.  FOX 4's Robert Townsend took the trip there and inquired of the grandparents about the situation.

"Yeah, we are the grandparents, but we have the other children who are here and there's no need to sensationalize this. We have no comment, " the grandmother told FOX 4.

The grandfather ordered FOX 4 to leave.

"We're done with you," he said. "Leave or I'll make you leave."

Neighbors who lived near the Pleasant Hill home said the mother denied being pregnant.

"He [her husband] denied with her," Kurt Brent, neighbor, said. "He said she wasn't."

Police tell FOX 4 that the mother of the children is in the hospital. Neighbors say she has been there for a few weeks.

"It's puzzling. I still don't know what to think about it. It's crazy," said neighbor Kurt Brent. "There's obvious some sadness, but yet anger takes over because how could somebody do that to an innocent child?" Brent asked during our interview.

Police held the father for questioning Tuesday afternoon but charges have not yet been filed.

It was unclear if the child was stillborn or died after birth. An autopsy was underway to determine the child's cause of death. Police did not yet know if any crime had been committed and did not know which, if any, charges would be filed by the Cass County Prosecutor's office.

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  • Tommy M Wilson

    i think they all should go to jail.grandparents say dont sensationalize this get off my property or we will make you.we are talking about a new born grandmother says we have the other children .all 4 .what does she mean other the one found in we go again another helpless child dies an nobody going to jail

  • sandy

    I agree i think they all should be charged. They all know something about this and to do this to a baby u got to be kidding me. How can they all go to sleep at night and not be able to go and say something to someone about this.

  • scott

    My god, people. ‘Learn to grammar’. Preferably before you spew your bilious opinions around the net. All you really wind up doing is sounding like “Poh white traish who cain’t spell.”

    If you’re going to be publicly opinionated, at least make a token effort to sound like your opinion might be a valid one.

  • Melinda

    To Scott why do you have to make a comment on someone’s grammar mad spelling? To make them feel less than others… I hope those people ignore your posting because you are the one that don’t need to be making any kind of a comment

    As for the discussion at hand…I feel the same way. Everyone knows something about this precious child and no one is willing to stand up and be the voice for this baby boy. I am not just putting the blame on the family. The neighbors had to notice that the female was pregnate then there was no baby. I would have asked how is the baby, is he still in the hospital or something. But NO ONE WANTS TO GET INVOLED WHEN IT COMES TO ABUSE OF ANY KIND, WHY!!!!!

  • Gary

    How are the grandparents not cooperating??? There’s no reason they should have to talk to the news media just to satisfy the morbid curiosity of others. They have only to tell the police what they know – not Channel 4.
    The grandmother was absolutely right-on. She has the other children to take care of and attempt to give them some love and stability in their lives.

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