Popular Leawood-based author/blogger ruffles feathers with sharp humor

This is an archived article and the information in the article may be outdated. Please look at the time stamp on the story to see when it was last updated.

LEAWOOD, Kan. - It has over 100,000 people talking on Facebook.

An author who hails from Johnson County operates a controversial blog, which takes a sneering look at pretentious moms and dads.

While some are laughing along, others find it disrespectful, since they're the target of the jokes.

Meet Jen, an author/blogger is stirring up moms all across the internet -- to the point that she writes under a pen name.

Even the name of her popular Facebook page will get your attention -- 'People I Want to Punch in the Throat.' Her husband encouraged her to start the blog, and share the strong satire she was dreaming up.

"I joke around that I can't leave my house, or I'll find something else that will annoy me," Jen said.

Her brand of humor takes aim at so-called 'overachieving moms' and 'douchy dads,' and some locals have served as inspiration. Thus far, 136,000 Facebook users have liked her blog, and a pair of popular books have come from her keyboard.

She's taking aim at what she calls 'the Pinterest crowd...' playfully jabbing those mothers for their interest in 'Elf on the Shelf...' and that North Dakota woman who ridiculed chubby trick-or-treaters.

"There's so much pressure and mom guilt out there," Jen said. "We worry constantly. We don't need to worry so much."

Jessica Henson is one Leawood mom who loves Jen's sharp wit.

"I'm a perfectionist," Henson said. "I can at least laugh at myself, and realize that I'm not the only one."

But not everyone is laughing at what they read on Jen's blog and Facebook page. Word of mouth has gotten around this side of Johnson County that some of the people here have been the inspiration for her satire. Jen says it's earned her some hate mail.

"Unless you are actually abusing your children, you are fine," Henson said. "You don't need to make every day special."

But those who disagree will keep this blogger in business.

Two of Jen's books have already been published by Random House. She says she's working on two more, one of which is slated for release next summer.

Follow this link to Sean's FOX 4 Facebook page.

Check out Jen's 'PIWTPITT' Facebook page.

Click here to read about one of Jen's upcoming appearances in Johnson County.

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