TECH REPORT: Russia serious about technology

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MOSCOW -- Russia wants to become the next Silicon Valley.  But first, it must convince the world that it's serious about technology.

For the past two years, Moscow has brought together some of the brightest minds in technology from around the world.  They gather at a forum meant to inspire a new generation of tech entrepreneurs.

Getting an invite from the Russian government to attend a tech forum in Moscow isn't something you take likely, so the Tech Report's Rich DeMuro went for a three-day event known as the Open Innovations Forum.

The forum features bright minds from around the world and a floor showing off the Russian startup scene.  There's a heavy emphasis on robotics, medicine and engineering.

Russia has come a long way.  Twenty years ago, you couldn`t start a business in Russia, because it was illegal.  This year, the government going to spend billions of dollars to help startups succeed

Alexey Komissarov is one of the men leading the change.

"Unfortunately, lots of people still think businessmen are not the best people to say it nicely.  I think we have to change this fallacy," he explained.

Komissarov says Russia must attract top talent from around the world and keep its young engineers from fleeing the country.

Google was started by Russian Sergey Brin, but in the U.S.

"We would like to have our Russian startups be a part of the global market," Brin said.

Russia has a realistic goal.  One study has Moscown at about 73rd in the tech world.  They'd likle to crack the top 50.

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by Rich DeMuro

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