Locals fight back against hate group

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KANSAS CITY, Mo. – A downtown street lined with several police officers was the only thing that divided the National Socialist Movement, a white supremacist group, and a large group of counter-protesters this afternoon as they stood in front of the Jackson County Courthouse to protest. Those involved spent hours expressing their thoughts and beliefs in many different ways, and each side`s message was loud and clear.

“I have a kid, and it's important for her to know that this is not okay,” said counter protester, Tiffany Harris.

Anti-neo-Nazi protesters stood directly across from the National Socialist Movement group this afternoon and fought back against what they feel is inappropriate.

“I've seen this in the 70s movies, why do we have to relive it?” said Mark Williams, a counter protester. “Do we want to stagnate our community with hate and build a foundation on hate or do we want to build one on love?

A man who goes by Pastor Drew, the World Chaplain of the Aryan Nation, said he and the National Socialist Movement group do not feel that their views are inappropriate. In fact, he feels that the protestors across the street should worry more about themselves.

“If you don't drive them out of our nation, they will turn our children against our God,” he said. “I think everyone should go back to their homeland.”

Drew said that they are merely securing the white race and its existence for the future, but then gave an example as to why all other races should not live in America.

“If you take the smart Oprah Winfrey and someone like the beautiful Tyra Banks, in their race, not beautiful to me, beautiful like a cat to me, or like a dog, or an animal, they could go back to their country and they could be strong, they could flourish and they could bloom like flowers,” he said.

Another opposition rally was being held just a few blocks away, at liberty memorial.

“We're here to say that we don't tolerate hate in our city,” said Amber Versola. “It bothers me that they feel like it would be acceptable in our town. It bothered me that they felt their hate was welcome.”

“We as immigrants, we come here to better ourselves, to better our futures. And when I was brought here, nobody asked me if I wanted to be here,” said Gavriel Carmona.

There was only one arrest made this afternoon, which was a member of the downtown opposition group who was taken away after throwing something.

The National Socialist Movement group is burning a swastika on private property Saturday night because they were not allowed to do that during the day on Saturday.

For more photos of the protest, Click here

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  • Dasha

    Your comment is a bunch of bull. You can’t build yourself up breaking other people down. Who ever you are you should be proud of who you are but name calling and hatred doesn’t hide your insecurity it just makes you look like an idiot.

  • Keith

    We now live in the 21st century, not in the 50’s or 60’s anymore. There is no tolerant of racial hatred of American people of any color in today’s society. If people cannot accept that America is the land of all race,creed,religion,etc. needs to just move out of America to a island out in the ocean with nothing but water for miles and then they won’t have to worry anymore. All groups that promote hatred and harm to others should be consider a terrorist group, and be dealt with by Homeland Security and convicted as a felony charge. We as American should come together as one people, one nation!

  • dawn romans

    Funny how one of the guys Buddy Runble used to party with others from school that weren’t white be friends with them get rides with them an now is part of this big neo natzi group. GROW UP WERE ALL ONE FAMILY FROM GOD! An Mr Buddy Rumble from Corder please remember your youth im surie there are pictures out there you with blacks an others having fun.

    • Eliora Maccabee

      Sounds like Buddy has a mental problem. Btw, their “Commander” was married to a woman with a child who is half-black. their former SS leader married a black woman and has since left the group. The current SS guy was briefly married to a Jewish woman. I don’t think the NSM members care about racial purity as much as they claim.

    • Revae

      I was thinking the same thing. I don’t believe that history every said that the whites were the first people in this nation. Also how intelligent does he think he is when he references a human being to a dog or animal. smh I cant believe this still exist.

  • Kathy

    What a nut job Drew is. He ranks right up there with the “church” group from Topeka (hate to actually say their name, don’t want to give them press). I feel sorry for people with such twisted views like this guy.

  • Just saying

    My understanding is 2 of buddy’s grandchildren are a quarter black. And he is unemployed due to a pill habit and lives at home with his parents and is still married to an Italian women in which he has a child with.

  • LA

    Fox 4, you know these are not just “opinions” or “beliefs”. You know that in our nation the intelligent and recognized majority all agree that these neonazi’s are on the side of wrong. Why would you even give them the recognition of recording their hateful words? There IS a right and a wrong and this hate for people different from themselves is wrong, no matter how they disguise it.
    (and for anyone who wants to spout out differently, I will not have time to read your comments :) )

  • Bob

    What bothers me most is not a rally of National Socialists but this “We as immigrants, we come here to better ourselves, to better our futures. And when I was brought here, nobody asked me if I wanted to be here,” said Gavriel Carmona.”.

    While I may not agree with all of their views I fought to preserve their right to voice that opinion. I do not however recall at any time the Oath of Enlistment I took stating anything about defending anyone’s right to be a criminal and violate Federal law by immigrating here illegally.

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