Bicyclist in critical condition after being struck by cab

This is an archived article and the information in the article may be outdated. Please look at the time stamp on the story to see when it was last updated.

KANSAS CITY, Mo. – A man is in critical condition after being struck by a taxi Tuesday night outside Missie B’s bar in Midtown Kansas City.

Police said the incident happened around 10:45 p.m. at 39th and Southwest Trafficway. The cab was traveling southbound on Southwest Trafficway while the man on the bicycle was crossing the street heading westbound.

"He was propelled into the windshield of the cab, sustained some pretty heavy injuries and we're still getting updates on his condition," said Sgt. Bill Mahoney of the Kansas City Police Department. "The bicycle ended up in the undercarriage of the vehicle and it actually broke into two pieces."

Although the intersection is equipped with red light cameras, nearby business owners said they're not surprised something like this happened at that intersection, which has been the scene of many wreaks.

"This is a really busy intersection and there's a lot of foot traffic out here all the time, not just on bikes but on motorcycles and even on foot, so it's a pretty dangerous intersection," said Anthony Sosa, the owner of 39th Street Diner. "Unfortunately things like this have to happen and I hope that gentleman's going to be okay, I really do, I pray for him."

The cab driver stopped at the scene of the accident and is cooperating with officers. Investigators are reviewing the footage from the red light camera to try and determine if the cab driver ran a red light or if the bicyclist was crossing the street illegally.

YouTube Video of the crash from American Traffic Solutions:

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  • TheCaptain

    Nikki why? If you ride a bike in traffic you’re an idiot, furthermore if you ride in traffic you should have to pay the exact same taxes and insurances that automobiles have to! Also why do male bike riders take the seat off and sit on the post?

  • Fredric

    Saw the video then pulled this off the link provided by Nikki. The bicyclist was totally at fault.

    “Be extra careful at intersections. Do not assume your right-of-way when there is a vehicle approaching. Be aware that motor vehicle drivers may not see you approaching the intersection, or may believe that you are moving at a slower speed than you are.”

    • Betty McGuffin

      I thought so, as if he was trying to beat the red light. But the area shown is small and the frame rate on the video released to the public may just make 35mph look faster. Although a fair amount of drivers think the speed limit is 45mph in this area.

  • Jared Wittwer

    I’ve seen a high percentage of seemingly impaired pedestrians crossing the street in that area. It gets worse as you go south a few blocks in the Westport area. Brighter paint on the crosswalk area wouldn’t hurt a thing. Out-of-town drivers can get caught off-guard by streets that don’t intersect at 90 degrees.

    • Nikki

      Richard, I noticed the same thing. You can see that the first car he turns in front of has to brake, so he really shouldn’t have crossed at that time even without the taxi. He also shouldn’t have turned so shallowly in the intersection. It looks like he starts out in the left-hand turn lane, driving like a automobile would (which is what I would do as well), but then he switches to behaving like a pedestrian and gets into the crosswalk rather than pulling farther into the intersection and getting onto 39th like an automobile would.

      On the other hand, the taxi does look like it’s speeding as well. In most accidents, neither party is 100% at fault. I think insurance companies usually divide blame between the two parties even when it’s obvious that one person ran a red light, for example. It’s unfortunate for bicyclists that regardless of their percentage of fault, they take the higher percentage of damage/injury.

      Has anybody heard an update on the bicyclist and how he’s doing?

      • Jon Butcher

        The Cyclist is my brother, he broke several bones through out his body
        and had to have his gallbladder surgically removed. He sustained no serious brain trauma “without a helmet”! He wont be able to walk for a long time due to a broken leg and femur, but he’s alive and extremely lucky! Maybe he wasn’t doing everything right, but the cab driver was
        obviously speeding. There’s a reason for speed limits… slow the fuck

      • Richard L Wagner

        Nikki, I agree, in that both parties probably could share respnsability in the accident. The motorist was driving too fast. Still, I am a daily bicyclist, and when I cross the Trafficway, I never make a left turn, even if it is permitted. The bicyclist should have yielded to oncoming traffic, or better yet behaved like a pedestrian, and crossed 39 street from the east side and waited for the green light.

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