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KCK Police: Man shot, killed by officers

This is an archived article and the information in the article may be outdated. Please look at the time stamp on the story to see when it was last updated.

KANSAS CITY, Kan. – A man swinging a baseball bat and breaking windows was shot and killed by Kansas City, Kan. police on Saturday. Residents of the Argentine neighborhood spent the day replacing those windows.

Around 7:20 Saturday morning KCK police responded to reports of a white male in his mid-twenties who had been smashing car windows with a baseball bat at South 37th and Strong Avenue.

Police said the suspect lunged at an officer while swinging the bat, which prompted another officer to shoot the man, killing him instantly.

Krystal Hood, who was in her car trying to head out for the day said the man with the baseball bat, approached her. He swung at her and her car, shattering the windows.

"I'm still shaky!" Hood said. "Glass came flying at me from the inside of the car, so I came flying out of the car asking what happened," she said. "You could tell in his eyes, there was something, there was something wrong," she adds, "He was on something."

Neighbors heard the commotion, yelled, and took off chasing him while Hood called 911.

"Next thing you know, we`re hearing gunfire and he`s lying there in the yard, up on the street," she said.

“When officers confronted the suspect, he lunged at officers, and officers responded with lethal force," said Officer Patrick McCallop, with the KCK Police Department.

"The officer told him to put down the bat, so acted like he was putting down the bat. When the officer stepped to him, he swung the bat just barely missing the officer, and the other officer had shot at that point," said Hood. "It was scary.”

The identity of the victim has not yet been released, and the officer who shot him is on routine administrative leave.

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  • arch clement

    briana; a baseball bat IS a deadly weapon. people have been known to have their heads busted with them. the police used on-the-spot judgement to deal with this individual, who was probably high on pcp, or some other dope.

  • Andrew Loya

    Nick was a wonderful person. Yesterday morning he was not himself. He had not drank anything nor was he on anything. Mentally he was not himself, and snapped. He police completely overreacted and versus trying numerous non deadly options such as tazer, calling for back up, allowing him to calm down the police elected to use only deadly force. He was a son, a brother, a nephew. Nick was loved by family and friends. Do the police not realize when they elect to pull the trigger and put multiple bullets in a person not to stop the situation but for the sole purpose to take life…they completely shatter the lives of so many…not just Nick. May God help anyone who has to be confronted by a trigger happy police who chooses not to try other options.

  • Henry Hofmeister

    He may have been a wonderful person sometimes, but consider the police position. Someone acting in a unnatural way damaging everything and everyone in his path is just that, Police take care with compliant people to ask about needles. This guy could have stuck someone. It’s not the ’70s where cops would just tackle the guy and hold him until sobering up. Until you’ve been chased by someone yelling “I have aids!!” you don’t really know the police position on psychotic situations. I hope the officer is ok that had to do it.

  • Joe

    For all the people who claim to know him, what was his problem? Was he on drugs? Did someone drug him? Was he just angry about something? Did he have mental problems. Normally, people don’t go around busting out car windows. He may have been nice like his friends claim but those with busted windows would beg to differ.

  • Andrew Loya

    The issue of Nick breaking Windows was wrong and did he scare people. Yes no doubt about it. He did wrong. He was not on drugs he was not intoxicated in any form. He snapped. Why….we will never know…the police choose to kill him. The primary issue here is…was taking his life the only option here. What steps were taken before bullets were fired? Was taking a life necessary and the only option? What would you think of this was a member of your family? Would you be asking… did the police do everything possible before pulling that trigger? No one in his family defends his actions…He should be sitting in jail today…not in the morgue.

  • Malik Nash (@TheStruggleWthn)

    I don’t feel protected by a police force that apparently doesn’t value human life enough to take common sense steps to protect their own lives or the lives of others. Why would you even get close enough to get swung on in the first place, especially if you weren’t prepared to counter? And why was lethal force the first response to a threat from a blunt object? A pointless response to a pointless act.

  • beth

    It’s easy to read the story and make judgments. We weren’t there. Based on the report, this man was swinging a bat at people and vehicles. Once the officer arrived do you really think this kid who is acting irrationally is going to be a regular “baseball player”? Probably not. Many people said he was not himself, that perhaps he was on drugs (voluntarily or not). The officer had a split second decision to make and should not be given the grief that he is being given by so many today. It is heartbreaking that a life was taken/lost. What would any of us done in that same split second-situation?

    • K Carter

      Beth, I appreciate your comment. So many people have knee jerk reactions to police and their decisions. Yet, they are doing what they’re supposed to do. You have to make a split second decision during a situation that is beyond intense. Police officers have to assess a situation in a matter of seconds/minutes. They are NOT trigger happy. As to the question why didn’t they tase him, who knows… what I DO KNOW is that if someone is on PCP they can be tased, even shot multiple times and still run around inflicting damage, sometimes deadly. Also, if he wasn’t on drugs and it was a mental break, that can still give you enough adrenaline to do what he’d already done, even worse. It’s a terrible situation for all involved and my heart and prayers go out to those who lost Nick. I would ask for perspective when it regards police officers and their actions.

  • Joe

    aarin: Well, now you don’t have to worry about the professional help. You said, “We tried to get him help”. Does that mean you are related to him because why else would you be involved? So, what was his problem?

  • Joe

    Beth: It would not have been a split decision had the officer stood 30 feet away and tried to calm him down. He could also have tazed the guy without putting himself in danger. Although the cop may have done the community a favor, he really doesn’t have the license to kill people because he was too stupid to get close enough to be hurt.

    • K Carter

      People can still do things even after being tased. The officer made a judgment call, end of story. You didn’t. Neither did anyone else negatively responding to this officer and his actions. Ease up.

  • Joe

    Henry H: You hope the officer is OK??? What is wrong with you? He killed a man from a distance and didn’t get a scratch and you are worried about him. Go figure. Hope you are a cop with a gun.

  • Patti Krouse Drury

    You don’t bust out people’s windows if you’re a nice guy and you don’t swing a baseball bat at a police officer’s head. The officer was correct in what he did. Tasers are not always effective and requires closer contact which could have resulted in the officer getting injured. Is the family going to repay all the people’s windows he busted quit making excuses and take responsibility when the kid does wrong.

  • elise

    How did we all get so casual about killing? Cops are trained on when to use deadly force. Is this what their training tells them to do? I’d like to know if there’s any other families out there experiencing terrific pressure right now because mine is. I understand why Nick snapped even though I never met him, and it’s a tragedy that he’s gone and so many people judge him. He was no more messed up than any of you could be. There but for the grace of god go you. How about some humility and compassion? A boy is DEAD, gone, for no good reason. Hug your children tonight people because his poor parents won’t be able to hug him anymore – it doesn’t matter what his problems were!

    Over the years I’ve seen cops kill a man wielding a brick, later another man with a baseball bat, folks got outraged. Are you all so scared now that you can no longer stand up for injustice????