Filipino community in KC hosts run-walk and benefit concert for typhoon victims

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KANSAS CITY, Mo. -- Dozens of metro residents met for a run-walk and crawl at Loose Park in an effort to help Typhoon Haiyan victims on Sunday morning.

"There's a vibrant Filipino community here in Kansas City," said Mary Ann Deming, a participant of the event.

To honor those in their home country and loved ones trying to move forward after Typhoon Haiyan, members of the Filipino community in Kansas City spent Sunday on the go.

"We see their suffering and we just want to show them they're not alone," said Mary Elizon, an organizer of Sunday’s event. "A lot of us from the Philippines do feel their pain, we're miles and miles away but we want them to know that we do hear them."

The Filipino culture is centered around family, so many say they simply cannot ignore the suffering.

"Here, compassion, we know there's a lot of poverty in the Philippines, but when there's someone in need it doesn't matter how much you don't have or what you have, you share, that's it," said Elizon.

A benefit concert is planned for Friday night at the Dubliner in the Power and Light District.

The Filipino band, FlipSide, will play there starting at 10 p.m.


Concert Information:

Typhoon Haiyan Benefit Concert

Filipino Association of Greater Kansas City

Filipino Band, FlipSide

Friday, November 22nd

At 10 p.m.

Dubliner in the Power and Light District

Click Here to visit FlipSide’s official Facebook page

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1 Comment

  • Josel Balino

    Thank you so much for doing a story about this. I hope that there will be a big turnout at the benefit show this Friday. We’ll make sure to put on a great performance in order to raise as much donations as we can :) #UnitedAsOne

    -Josel Balino (FlipSide lead vocalist)