Chaos erupts after police pull over defiant mother with five kids in car

This is an archived article and the information in the article may be outdated. Please look at the time stamp on the story to see when it was last updated.

TAOS, N.M. — A Tennessee mother has given new meaning to an educational roadtrip after she led police on a high-speed chase with her five kids inside her vehicle.

New Mexico State Police initially pulled over Oriana Ferrell for speeding. On police dash cam you can hear the officer tell her she was traveling 71 in a 55 mile per hour zone. When the officer walked back to his vehicle, Ferrell pulled away.

But she didn’t travel far. The officer followed suit and she quickly pulled over again. The two argued when the officer ordered her out of the vehicle. Her 14-year-old son is seen getting out of the van and appeared to want to walk around the car but stopped after he saw another officer off camera.

The woman eventually got out and walked to the rear of the van with the officer. When he told her to turn around and face her vehicle, she rushed back to the van, attempting to get back inside. That’s when her son got out and engaged the officer. After a short tussle, the woman and the boy managed to make it back to the van where they locked the doors.

By then more officers arrived and one broke the passenger side window with his baton, but that’s when Ferrell sped off, this time leading police on a four-mile high-speed chase through Taos, New Mexico, sometimes veering into oncoming traffic.

She later pulled over at a hotel where she and her 14-year-old son were arrested.

In the course of conversation, Oriana told police she was just trying to take her kids on an educational roadtrip through New Mexico.

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  • Karen

    I saw this yesterday when the story came out and what you didn’t see was one of the cop’s shooting the back of the van with kids in the car! There were 5 kids in the car the youngest being 6 years old! Now no matter what she did the cop should not have shot the van up.

  • witty

    It’s sad that commenters think we should take all power away from police. As if they shouldn’t give chase, shoot at, tase etc. Perhaps the reason the mother attempted to run is because she didn’t think cops would go that far if she had children in the car. Police only have fraction of a second to analyzing their situation before they act. This woman should be held accountable for everything that could have happened to her children. Parental rights revoked as well as lose her freedom for a good long time.

  • Jose

    The woman and the child should be taken to court and in my opinion should be found guilty as charged. The judge should be stiff in his sentencing. One cannot run from the police. When the police attempt to arrest you for running, one cannot allow one’s fourteen year-old son to attack the police. That the child would even think to do that speaks volumes about the worthiness of this person’s parenting. That child could have been justifiably shot in that instance. That this could happen is crazy. People need to have more respect for civil society and the social contract to which we are all implicitly a party.
    All of that being said, the police officer that fired the shots should be arrested and charged with attempted murder. If the car were moving towards him, the shots would be justified in my eyes. The car was moving away from him. I don’t believe police officers should be able to shoot people in the back if they face no imminent harm. Considering who was in the car, this police officer committed a gross abuse of his power and demonstrated a lack of judgment that is criminal. The taser and the baton and breaking the window were all justified in my view and I believe, in the view of any reasonable person. Shooting at children in a car that’s trying to get away in a situation over which the children have no control is not okay. This man should not be a cop or have a gun. A good cop would have show. Restraint because of the children, and in fact, the other two police officers did show such restraint.

    • Nos

      Isn’t it a cop’s job to protect as many citizens as possible? Maybe the cop figured shooting at the dangerous vehicle, whether there were kids in it or not, could have prevented any future accidents. What would have happened if the crazy mom pulled out into a school bus full of innocent kids? Would people be mad that the cop didn’t do enough then?
      Charging him with attempted murder would be too harsh in my opinion (and I know everyone has their own opinions, which I respect). and if the officer did have to be charged, the mother should get the same or worse charges since the entire situation occurred because of her stupidity and rash behavior. Whether firing his weapon was the right call or not, I think no one truly knows what kind of pressure he was under unless they were living it.

  • Jose

    They did mention that and when the cop first tried to give her a ticket, the mom fled in the van with her kids. After apperantly realizing how stupid that was, she pulled over again. On the second stop, she resisted arrest, and she and her 14 year old assaulted the police officer. The woman and the 14 year old should go to jail and she should lose parental rights for a long time.

    Again, the cop that fired the shots should be off the force and also in jail.