60-plus cats seized from home, taken to KC Pet Project

This is an archived article and the information in the article may be outdated. Please look at the time stamp on the story to see when it was last updated.

KANSAS CITY, Mo. -- Police arrested a woman Tuesday night after she became involved in an altercation with another woman who accused her of stealing her cats. At the time, Animal Control officers were removing dozens of cats from the woman's home.

Lynnetta S. Wilkinson

Lynnetta S. Wilkinson

Lynnetta S. Wilkinson, 58, faces 10 city charges regarding animal neglect, although more charges could be filed.

Animal Control seized more than 60 cats and at least one dog from Wilkinson's home that was without heat or electricty.

"There is no heat, there are no lights. It's very unsanitary inside, very poor conditions, unlivable conditions so the city has closed the house down," City Spokesperson Chris Hernandez said.

Those animals were then taken to KC Pet Project.

“We need our community’s emergency help now more than ever to help us provide medications, healthy food and daily care, as well as adoptive and foster homes for all of these cats and kittens from our community,” Teresa Johnson, CEO/Executive Director of KC Pet Project, said. "The KC Pet Project has already received 212 cats and kittens in just the past 19 days, and large-scale hoarding cases like these put a huge strain on our organization to care for so many animals at one time.”

This is the second large-scale animal seizure case that has come to the KC Pet Project in just a month’s time. On October 30, the shelter took in nearly 70 pets from the Forever Friends Animal League seizure on North Oak Trafficway.

KC Pet Project is a no kill shelter and they're frequently called upon with little to no notice to care for numerous animals taken from cruelty situations, hoarding cases and emergency situations. KC Pet Project officials are asking the public to consider making a tax-deductible gift now to help them care for the extraordinarily large number of animals currently housed at the shelter.

Monetary donations are needed to purchase additional medications, food and supplies and may be made at www.kcpetproject.org/donate or mailed to 4400 Raytown Road in Kansas City, MO 64129.  In-kind donations are also needed, such as pate-style canned cat food and stainless steel cat food bowls, and may be dropped off at the shelter at 4400 Raytown Road or at their Zona Rosa location at 7351 NW 87th Terrace.

FOX 4's Katie Ferrell is scheduled to report live from the shelter Thursday morning, giving people the opportunity to see some of the animals in need at this time.

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    • Concerned Citizen

      That’s Cory’s drug addict keister leaving those comments. You calling him a human being is very kind of you. I bet if you come up with some crack or crystal meth he’d come outta the woodwork.

  • Joe

    Take note that I said, “starving people around the world”. In other words, export the meat. Talk about being a disgusting human being, I am not the one to suggest depriving starving children of a viable life saving nutrition; especially, in the countries that eat dog and cat. Many lives could be saved and it would be a disgusting human being to let them starve to death; especially when they go to bed full at night.

  • leesetaylor

    Where was it mentioned that they are euthanizing and cremating animals? The video I watched was about rescuing the animals and making attempts to adopt them out [to responsible owners]. ??

    • Joe

      Just because this is a no kill shelter, doesn’t mean that many other shelters are the same. For every dog or cat that this shelter adopts out, one less will be adopted for a kill shelter and will be euthanized. Unless you have been living under a rock, you should already know that many animals are put down and cremated every week around this country.

    • Concerned Citizen

      The comments you ask about, are from the drug addict cat lady and her loser son. They are trying make it look as if they or “SHE” I should say are Saint’s. I’ve never seen such a poor put together defense, by a complete stranger. Don’t worry she will end up being starved in a cold cage also.

    • Concerned Citizen

      Those are comments written under a “FAKE NAME” to undermine public opinion of what she has done. Have no worries the cats are being well taken care of. The KC pet project was made for situations like this. They usually don’t get 200 cats in such a short time span. The people at KCPP do everything they can for abused animals. I’m sure you know that. I just wanted to pound the point home to those losers who are trolling, thinking they are gonna change the fate of this sick evil woman. HER FATE IS SEALED. The animals will be fine.

  • Jo

    Joe, apparently you need to work on your reading skills. KCPP is a NO kill shelter. Personally, I would rather take care of the people in our country. Yes, there are horrors all over the world (which I have witnessed in person, and will never forget). Rather than put so many of our countries resources into caring for people in other countries, I would like to see the children and adults here taken care of first. We have starving, abused, homeless, and people forced into the sex trade, and many more issues that need to be addressed. Lets take care of home first.

    • Joe

      Jo: Not only are my reading skills excellent, but so is my ability to look at the bigger picture. Yes, let’s take care of the people in this country by not wasting anymore money on needless wars. Problem solved. For what we spent in Afghanistan and Iraq, we could have provided everyone with food and free medical care and with all the money the bankers stole to create our economic disaster, we could have provided everyone with a place to live. You are completely wrong to think we would be using our country’s resources to care for people in other parts of the world. I am talking about exporting the meat to other countries either for profit or instead of sending them corn, which has very little nutritional value, provide them with nutritional protein. If there are any starving Americans, they can get the meat from the local food pantry for free. We may have hungry people in our country but I have not heard of anyone starving to death and if they did, it is there own fault because we offer free food to everyone who needs it and many Churches even cook the meals for them. Please show me some proof that many Americans are starving to death and then I will show you that it pales in comparison to the millions who are starving in Africa and Asia.

  • caren

    So, I do have to be the one to ask — HOW, EXACTLY, is the KC Pet Project NOT the same exact “hoarder” that these other places are clamied to be? Explain that – you CANNOT. Why? Because the KC Pet Project that now has ALL THESE ANIMALS is now 1) Overcrowded, 2) Understaffed, 3) Doesn’t have enough MONEY, etc, etc, etc, JUST EXACLTY LIKE THE PREVIOUS “HOARDING” CASES. So, do tell, dearie, how is KC Pet Project NOT also ANIMAL HOARDERS?

    • Concerned Citizen

      They FEED and WATER them, until they find them a STABLE life and family. Your comment, considering the atrocities the animals went through, is sickening. I don’t think they went and got the cats to starve them out at a different location. Of course they don’t have to live in filth anymore. You’re just a troll trying to bash someone trying to be humane.

    • Concerned Citizen

      They FEED and WATER them, until they find them a STABLE life and family. Your comment, considering the atrocities the animals went through, is sickening. I don’t think they went and got the cats to starve them out at a different location. Of course they don’t have to live in filth anymore. You’re just a troll trying to bash someone trying to be humane. You are the kind of person that thinks your funny, until you’re the one getting beat, starved, or in a cage. All of which will most likely happen.

  • UR-Busted

    This lady and her son, Cory, stole these cats. Between the meth her son is on and the mental issues of Lynnetta, they stand no chance in society. I know her personally, unfortunately, and I knew something was going on when she walked around smelling like a DIRTY cat litter box not just on her clothes but when she was talking to you and her breathe would make you want to get sick. This family is just horrible people.

    • Concerned Citizen

      This “SKANK” and her drug addict son are both criminals and scum in my book. I know the husband or soon to be former husband. He is one of the most kind and respectful individuals, I have ever met. I hope you don’t clump him in with “Them”, because yes, they are low life’s. He is not though. I vouch for him.

      • UR-BUSTED

        Agree. I actually was introduced to these 2 through the husband. It hurts to see him get taken advantage of and have to deal with what they left him. All I know is he already sounds like a happier man and he is way better off without them.

  • Concerned Citizen

    I have prayed for him already. I know God will guide him with grace. I’m pretty sure the devil is making her plans. Crystal meth and cat theft, don’t exactly mix. Of course, I’m sure a nice prison sentence will wake her up. The misery she put the cats though, the misery she put the husband through, and the misery she put herself through, will all be paid for BY HER. How selfish can one be to have 100 cats and be out stealing them from others, all not to even give them food and water? I’ve seen people hoard animals and take care of them. Those are the people with a hoarding problem that need mental help and really do love the animals. Her problems have more to do with being a demented, selfish, greedy, scumbag, drug addict, thief. She has or had no respect for her neighbors, and or her peers in the community. She has no respect for others feelings and or their property either. Karma’s coming to collect Lynnetta, and Karma doesn’t exactly take bad checks.

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