Family disgusted to have shared motel room with bed bugs

This is an archived article and the information in the article may be outdated. Please look at the time stamp on the story to see when it was last updated.

KANSAS CITY, Kan. -- A family of six moved to Kansas City, Kansas from St. Joseph for a fresh start. However, a string of bad luck ended with them living in a motel. Just when they thought things couldn't get any worse, the bed bugs started biting.

"They told us to just shake the blankets shake the sheets," explained Gary, who asked his last name not be used, to protect his children's privacy.

The Regency Inn has a history of bed bug issues. A review of state records shows several violations dating back to January of 2012. According to inspection reports from the Kansas Department of Agriculture, there have been many complaints of bed bugs, the last formal complaint came in late October.

"If it was just me I could deal with that, but you know, I have my children involved, you know, wife and kids to think about," said Gary.

Gary moved his wife and four kids to Kansas City, Kansas to make a better life. They lived with relatives, but a fall out landed Gary and his family at the Regency Inn.

"The first night was filled with bed bugs, couldn't sleep biting my kids, myself." said Gary.

Gary and his wife asked, then begged for another room.

"We moved to a room, kind of been lucky to not have bed bugs, but we haven't had heat last two weeks." said Gary.

When it got really cold, they complained again. Gary said he was told to be out of the room Saturday morning. But thanks to a program offered by the Kansas City, Kansas school district, Gary and his wife saw their luck change.

"I got blessed today with a week's rent at another motel, you know, very happy about that," explained Gary.

The helping hand comes from the district's homeless program. With four kids in school, services are available to make sure the best interest of the child is served. In this case, a clean, safe place to stay along with some coats and food. Gary's wife said the entire ordeal has been horrible, but in a way, very helpful.

"It shows your children how to be strong through things and not to give up be better people and know school definite thing they want to go through so they don't have through the situations we did not getting an education," explained Gary's wife.

Gary continues to work every day and is hopeful they'll be able to get their own place and a car very soon. In the meantime they are thankful for the help they've received. They do plan on filing a formal complaint with the state. Several attempts to talk with the owner and manager of the motel were unsuccessful.

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  • latoya ramer

    tthat is not the only motel in the state of missiouri that has bed bugs I was employed at one and when I seen the bed bugs I told the guy that came to pray he words to me was there was only one so we won’t send out a scare well about two months later I seen them in my home and new I had carried tthem home with me I call my boss told her what was going on and how I got them she told me to deal with and get a letter from the local spray company before I could return to work I live from pay check to pay check and didn’t have that kind of money and she said that was not her problem I had to deal with it after a week I had made up my mind since I carried the bugs from my emloyer to my house it was time for me to quite and deal with my house

  • Ash

    It says Kansas City, Kansas. It also depends which city you stay at too. Some motels are really good and have good names, but then can end being the worst motel in the world. I feel for this people. I hope their luck changes.

  • AptManager

    Did it occur to anyone that they could have brought the bugs with them? Also, if the bug infestation was as bad as try claim.. They undoubtedly took the bugs with them to the next hotel. They hide in clothes, books, bags.. Anything. Not just beds and furniture. Good tip is always take the headboard off the wall (comes right off) and look behind it, and learn how to properly check for bed bugs.. BEFORE bringing anything in the room.

  • Charmayne

    Dear AptMgr.,
    I have been an apartment manager as well as worked in the hotel industry. Looking behind the headboard doesn’t excuse “just shake the sheets”. You missed the point of the story and at the same time outed your unprofessional, selfish, thought process.

  • Charmayne

    To be fair, yes it is a good idea to check behind the headboard at any hotel no matter the price scale, you are right. This family was not really in a position to be picky. My previous post seemed a but harsh so my apology for that. Why take a story of need and place blame? Even if they were responsible for bringing bed bugs does not excuse the previous findings at that hotel. Bed bugs happen! Heater issues happen! Yet they were asked to leave. How can we help?

  • John Barton


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