Semi truck stuck under Kansas City overpass

This is an archived article and the information in the article may be outdated. Please look at the time stamp on the story to see when it was last updated.

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  • Gina

    do these truck drivers not know how big they are? I live in this neighborhood and they get stuck all the time. there is a measurement on the bridge itself. isn’t it part of the truck drivers job to know how tall the trailer is that they are hauling?

  • Melissa

    I recognized the location BEFORE I read the article!!! I grew up in the Northeast area and have seen way too many semis stuck under that particular bridge! Moved from ‘Ole NE 14 yrs. ago but it will always be home.

  • Lori

    There’s no room there for a truck to turn around! They need to have a marked truck route/detour right before the bridge because a lot of times the drivers don’t see the sign on the bridge until after they’ve passed the intersection, and then they’re stuck.

  • meowwl

    Actually they’ve got the flooding under control…I’d think that actually lowering the road would just be a matter of grinding down the numerous resurfacings it’s had…I remember when I was little, the clearance was 13 ft…it’s down to 11.5 now.

  • Angela Caldwell

    Driver = Bonehead. Drivers are supposed to follow directions given by company but proceed with caution. They also need to keep their eyes open for low bridges. If they can’t proceed they are to call the local police for assistance. Some drivers don’t pay attention to signs or have an auto gas not truck gps with height and weight restrictions. And yes, that booboo is going to hurt him. Driver =Bonehead.

    • Kevin Mercer

      Wow, spoken like a true professional, not. I guess it is pretty easy to judge someone doing something you are not capable of doing. Although after 20 years with a CDL i have never wedged a truck under an overpass, i can see how it can happen.

      • Angela Caldwell

        Kevin, why am I not capable of driving? As it happens, I DO have my CDL and drove OTR. What I find interesting in your statement is that I drove for one year (0 accidents, not ONE), but you, as a 20 year ‘PRO’ can see how it can happen. Sure, if you don’t have your eyes open and aren’t paying attention to the signs. BONEHEAD.

      • Angela Caldwell

        Well call me a Bonehead then for keeping my eyes open, paying attention to signs, instructions, maps and the like. I took my job very seriously, especially since I drove nights. To say you can see how it can happen is excusing a stupid driver. There’s no excuse for that type of accident, PERIOD.

  • Stephen Crawley

    In the truckers map it state in the route restrictions that bridge I am a trucker and sorry to say a former driver for CRST that have a bad rep of not knowing what they are doing and paying attention to the routing and what they are doing

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