Father claims 9-year-old son, killed in tornado has shown up in recent photo behind niece

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article-2512762-199D38A700000578-437_634x742 son

MOORE, Okla. — The father of a 9-year-old boy killed by a tornado, discovered a very peculiar image in a photograph that was taken just a couple months after his son’s death.

Scott McCabe is the father of Nicolas McCabe, who was one of seven students killed after a tornado struck their third grade classroom at Plaza Towers Elementary School in Oklahoma, back in May of this year.

The Daily Mail reports that McCabe claims to have seen an image of his deceased son standing behind his niece in a cell phone picture that was taken on the fourth of July, just a couple months after the tornado hit. In the picture the boy’s cousin, Madison, is waving a sparkler.

“Nicolas loved the Fourth of July and he loved firecrackers,” McCabe explained to News 9 in Oklahoma. “I couldn’t believe what I was seeing.”

Although Mail Online reports there are several skeptics, who are citing reasons such as a double image or too much motion for the cell phone’s camera, but by looking at the photo it is easy to make out two distinct figures with different skin tones and facial features. Regardless of others’ opinions, McCabe believes his son was there that day with his family.

“They can say what they want. I believe. I believe he’s watching over us,” he told News 9.

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  • sharon boles

    i believe in spirits every since I lost my brother 15 yrs ago at the age of 35 from skin cancer he seems to show his spirit every Halloween it was his favorite time of year I seen your pic and he was there

  • Sadly

    Wanting it to be true and it being true are entirely different things. As a photographer and graphic artist, sadly it is a double image of the same girl. But, that being said, don’t let anyone, even me tell you anything you believe is false. Even though it is … :)

  • Missy

    No matter what others say, I believe that loved ones that have passed on do let us know they are okay. I believe your baby boy was letting you know he is okay, not for him but for you! This does not mean they are not living peacefully with the Lord, it simply means the Lord allows them to reassure us left behind. Take peace in knowing that you will see your son again. As a mother myself my heart is so happy that you were allowed this gift. Love and peace to you.

  • Jeremy

    I love the (life long photographers) that are the neigh-sayers. I am both a photographer and a Photoshop user. Yes motion blur could explain some of it, but the problem I have with those who claim that, they fail to notice the pink shirt “conveniently” did not get exposed at the apex of the jump where the picture is the stillest and clearest. Also, the hair is a little wrong. Possible time-lapse exposure….maybe, but It does not look that way to me, even after taking the photo into photoshop and working with it. It is however a very small, bad photo we have here to work with.

  • Mark Hutchinson

    Oh my gosh, i am a photographer and photoshop user too, it doesn’t take rocket science to figure this out, look at the photo, there is 2 different people there, a boy and a girl, get real, ANY WAY sorry about your loss, My dad passed away, and I’ve seem him in pictures too, it happens, Happy Thanksgiving,

  • Jen

    As a parent of 8 and 10 year olds, I cannot imagine this father’s anguish at losing his child. Children at this age are still so innocent, precious, and full of life. They are also coming into their own and you see glimpses of who they might become. I can’t comprehend what it would be like to move on. To me it is unquestionably an image of his beautiful dearly departed son. It makes no sense to the rational mind how it could be. I would like to believe it is a sign of hope. I don’t know if seeing such an image makes it easier or more painful for this family but I sincerely hope it brings comfort. My heart aches for this family.

  • vicki

    My dad passed away October 5, 2013. the day he was buried my sister took a picture at the gravesite. when the picture was developed my dad’s face was clearly in the picture. He had his glasses on in the picture not buried with his glasses on….i personally am a Christian and believe if you are a Christian to be absent from the earthly body is to be present with the Lord. i have never ever believed the spirit hangs around etc, i do believe now somehow someway it is possible for our loved ones to be present in spirit at least at times anyway. God created this world and he said his ways, thougths etc are way higher than ours…so do not understand however clearly know the image of my dad’s face was clear and no individual was jumping as a matter of fact no human being was in the picture other than dad who i know was a Christian and should just be with the Lord. My husband is a doctor and he is very logically thinking he was the first to see my dad’s face. So i know from our own encounter with this that it is true and very real period. i believe myself God does this to comfort loved ones…lastly, we know too from God’s holy word that the saints in heaven rejoice when someone on earth becomes a Christian so why do we question if those gone on home know what is going on down here period…thankful to God for him letting this family see their little boy again.

  • dorion

    It’s not double exposure if it was the two faces would be the same color if not lighter, but they’re not the girl is lighter than the boy and from the picture of his son if you compare them to the one with the boy in the background you can see clear as day the similarities of his head structure. People do not be afraid and disapprove their existence in this universe. I would be happy as I don’t know what if a loved one of mine that passed away showed up in a picture I took

  • Ginny

    The Long Island Medium would be a great perso n to get in touch with and have her talk to the father. She gives so many great relief and hope. Also, read James Van Praagh’s Unfinished Business (What the dead can teach us about life). :)

  • ImageExplanation

    This is one exposure that looks like two due to a slow shutter speed combined with a flash…..hence warmer light on one face from firework(1st exposure) and then the cooler light of flash creating the 2nd exposure. It is EXTREMELY common! The phone was very likely on a “fireworks” setting which gives you the slow shutter combined with a flash. it’s not a ghost, spirit, or anything other than the nieces face being exposed twice by two different light sources as she was moving. the so called “lifelong” photographers who claim that it’s something else are completely clueless.

  • Janet Miller

    I also see the clear image of the boys tennis shoe. she had on sandals. Dad, take comfort that he came back to let you know he is ok. My best friend and my husbands mom showed themselves to him. His mother twice.

  • aerosquid (@aerosquid)

    Whole bunch of idiots on here. I envision them in their trailer parks nicotine stained pictures of jesus and elvis hanging pathetically on the walls. GHOSTS ARE REAL they pound their ham size fists against their dirty stained keyboards. Any semblance of sanity has long ago burned out by the fires of hate and racism that consume them. The dregs of kansas city, nay the dregs of the human race bloviate about their secret desire to dead little children appear in Kodak moments. Idiots.

  • homepage

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