KHP report details moments leading up to fatal fall from party bus

This is an archived article and the information in the article may be outdated. Please look at the time stamp on the story to see when it was last updated.

KANSAS CITY, Kan. -- New details were released on Monday about a party bus accident that killed a young mother last May. More than six months after 26-year-old Jamie Frecks died after falling from a party bus and onto I-35, the Kansas Highway Patrol has released its full accident report.

The report details witness accounts of the final minutes of Frecks' life on the party bus and what they saw before she died. The report recounts the horror of witnesses who saw the new mom fall out of the back of the party bus onto I-35 and the drivers who ran over her body.

One witness told investigators she knew she ran over something. She then said that she heard girls screaming, adding she wasn't the first or the last to run over the body. There were also at least 14 other girls on the bus with Frecks.

In a statement to investigators, one of the girls said Frecks was passing around a tray of jello shots when she turned around to get another. The witness said Frecks' back was to the door and she was literally sucked out of the bus.

The driver of the bus, who investigators say in the report was not in any way impaired, told investigators she picked the party of women up around 9:30 the night of May 5. She said the girls wanted to load a cooler full of liquor, so before they left, she opened the door, loaded the cooler, shut the door and pushed on it to make sure it was "hooked."

In the report the driver states she didn't know what happened until she heard the girls screaming that Jamie had fallen out. She said someone told her that Frecks was leaning on the door.

Troopers say they tried several scenarios to attempt to get the door to come open during their investigation. They concluded that, in their opinion, if the door was properly latched, it would not have opened on its own or with minimal pressure.

Last month the Wyandotte County District Attorney said there was not sufficient evidence to charge Midnight Express or the driver of the party bus in Frecks' death.

Until Monday the 52-page report into the circumstances surrounding Frecks' death has not been available for the public to see.

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