Dan Meers (KC Wolf) in recovery following weekend injury

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KANSAS CITY, Mo. -- He may not have been on Sunday's injury report, but Dan Meers, the man behind Chiefs' mascot 'KC Wolf,' was hospitalized after he sustained an injury while practicing a stunt at Arrowhead this weekend.

Dan Meers in 2007 Courtesy: Facebook

Dan Meers in 2007 Courtesy: Facebook

Meers was severely injured Saturday while rehearsing a zip line routine for Sunday's Chiefs vs. Chargers game performance.

According to a written statement released on Tuesday by Meers' attorney, the injuries obtained seemed to be in relation to the way a third-party company had set up his riggings, although an investigation is pending.

Meers' wife, along with Chiefs' spokesperson, Ted Crews declined to talk about any of the injury specifics, but said he is making progress with his recovery and that his long-term prognosis is good.

Meers' attorney also released a statement on behalf of the family, confirming Meers had surgery Sunday and was in stable condition.

"The Meers family want to express their sincerest gratitude to the Chiefs organization for their support during this time and over the years. In addition, the family wants to thank Chiefs fans as well as the greater Kansas City community for their expressions of love and support. Dan Meers is a man of faith and deeply appreciates your prayers during his ongoing recovery,"  Tim Dollar with Dollar, Burns & Becker said in the written statement.

Hal Wagner, the owner of Ace Sports in Oak Park Mall, said Meers was a big hit with fans a few years back when an autograph signing was held at his shop.

"After hearing of the severity of his injuries I doubt if we will see him this year, but hopefully by next year he'll be back and at 100 percent and everything will be fine," said Wagner. "There's nothing that will make people more happy than a big victory against the Broncos this Sunday and Dan getting perfectly fine."

The Chiefs Kingdom Facebook page, with more than 22,500 followers, announced Dan's injury Sunday evening.

It read:

"Our thoughts, prayers, and well wishes go out to the man inside the KC Wolf mascot, Dan Meers, and his family. We wish you a full and speedy recovery.

Per Rod Handley - Pray for Dan Meers (KC Wolf) who was seriously injured practicing a stunt which failed at Arrowhead Stadium today. Surgery @ 9am Sunday."

Below are just a few of the comments about Dan, the accident, and prayers for his quick recovery. FOX 4 will continue to follow this story and update you on Dan's health.

Dan posts

The video in the player below was shot on September 15 for the game against Dallas, in which KC Wolf made a grand entrance on a zipline.

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