Tech N9ne talks about lighting the Mayor’s Christmas Tree

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LEE'S SUMMIT, Mo. - The world sees Tech N9ne now as the founder of Strange Music and an internationally known rapper.

He admits, his music can be shocking, "I have some psycho in my music, you know what I mean, but everybody has their own psycho."

But don't let the man on stage fool you.

"Oh I'm Tech N9ne, do this, do that, you know what I mean? I'm actually a human being, this is just my job," Tech said.

Tech grew up on Kansas City's East side near 9th and Woodland.  His family was short on money, but he says they had a lot of love.

He's come a long way since then, now his goal is to give back to people in need in Kansas City.  Last year Tech N9ne performed a concert for the Love Fund for Children called the Gift of Rap, but he also gives on a smaller scale.

"When it's cold, we make these sweatshirts for the homeless and skullies and gloves, and we hand them out, just on a humbug, we don't do it for attention or nothing," he said.

Earlier this year Tech was recruited to help Mayor Sly James encourage young people to go to school, but he was still surprised when he was asked to light the Mayor's Christmas Tree.

"That's the craziest thing I've ever heard!" he said laughing.

The money from the Mayor's Christmas Tree Fund helps families in need, a cause he's honored to help.

"I like to help. My mom said I was here to help," he said.

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  • Mikki Torres

    I am so excited for him. Tech has done great things in his personal life and his career. He deserves to have something like this in his life.
    He is smart and talented. Maybe a little cocky sometimes, but when you have had a life like his. You get to be.
    No one has given him anything in his life. He wanted his music career and works night and day for it. Working Hard for the past 20+ years just making it come true when so many people told him no. He does what musicians only dream of. Making his music his way with no corporation looming over him.
    Way to go tech.

  • jayme fritsch

    You know that was a very ignorant comment. Seriously a gangster rapper? Thats statement alone peoves you know.nothing.about him. He is nowhere neer that. I have 2.children, and he has beena inspiration to me and I would be honored for him to be a rold model to my children. His lyrics alone have changed my life. I can not stand racist, or people who catigorize people.

  • Dallas9 know nothing about this man or you would not be talking like that. This is coming from someone who has closely followed and supported this man for about 17 years. He is one of the GREATEST people I have ever met.

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